Here’s Top 10 Games We Can’t Wait to Review in 2020

by Pratik Mody

2020: Golden Era of Gaming is Back?

It has been over a decade that we forgot the feeling of how excited we used to get over a video game way back due to all of them being unique and amazing in their own way. 2020 will bring back those fond memories with so many amazing sequels, remakes and titles in different platforms that you will see how it could go down as another” Golden era for gaming” in the books.

2020 has lots of amazing titles, remakes, fan favorites sequels, gritty graphics and amazing story line games that gamer’s all over the globe have been waiting for.

These are our Top 10 games that we cannot wait to get our hands on to play in no particular order:


The Famous Witcher studio CD Projekt Red’s new project will finally( feels like a decade wait now) come in this year on April 16th. The long-awaited role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077  has keanu Reeves in it and a soundtrack including Grimes, Run the Jewels, and A$AP Rocky. There are a lot of things going in this game as well with leaks of the game’s map showing complex locations and also how most of the buildings can be entered into just like how we can normally do in real life(Not that we would recommend doing that obviously) shows how much potential this game has.

We cannot wait to play and review this game when it comes out so make sure you keep checking our page for the review.

2- NIOH 2

Nioh 1 is an amazing fast paced souls like game that came in and surprised everyone. From its early combo learning curve till the end of every boss fight, there was something for everyone to be excited about. The game has some top notch gameplay and 60 frames per second action that you cannot get enough of. Each and every boss fight is unique in its own way and not only for the souls borne fans but also for newcomers, the game did justice to both of them both in terms of gameplay, level design and graphics.

Nioh 2 is the sequel to Nioh 1 and is supposed to come out during 13th March 2020 and we are very excited to see whats next in store for us and whether we will see some new weapons, boss fights and better level designs as well.


DOOM (2016) was a breath of fresh air in the whole no brainer First person shooter genre.Old school FPS veterans really wanted a game like this since time immemorial. Finally Bethesda came out with DOOM in the year 2016 and it changed everything. They showed how old games when combined with new engine and tech can bring out amazing and fun games.

Their next installment in the game will be a direct sequel to DOOM(2016) known as DOOM: Eternal and we are very excited to play it as who doesn’t love some mindless killing of hellish demons and fast paced first person shooters.

4- Resident Evil 3

Personally for me ,I am waiting for this game the most. Capcom remade and released Resident evil 2 in 2019 and it easily became my game of the year for 2019. Everything in this game screamed “AWESOME” when it came to the direct OG RE2 Plot and the level design. But with their new RE engine( which is the currently in my opinion the best engine in this industry even with their own issues and bugs) they showed us that anything was possible if you put your mind into it.

I am just waiting for April, since this releases on April 3, 2020. If you loved playing Resident Evil 2 remake, then make sure you preorder this as well as it will be a even better game given how the OG Resident evil 3 already is.

5- Last of Us 2

Last Of Us on the PS3 system showed how amazing an exclusive game can look in the PS3. The game wasn’t just a tech demo showcase but it also won people’s heart with its amazing direction, over the top soundtrack and theme and the sheer quietness that the entire journey was. The communication between both the characters in the game also opened a new era of interactive story-telling and plot driven games as well

Last Of Us 2 is a direct sequel to Last of us( 2013) and comes out on 29 May 2020 on the Playstation 4 console and for the PS4 Pro as well. The demo showed by Sony in its own tech event shocked almost everyone with its even grittier game play, new stealth techniques and a transition to an open world game from a semi-open world as well which everyone seemed to like.


GHOST OF TSUSHIMA was teased few years back with a few min clips which included cutscenes in them. And even to this day, we still haven’t seen any proper demos of the game except there only have been even more teases than any proper gameplay which fans have been asking for a long time now.

GHOST OF TSUSHIMA is supposed to come out this year in 2020 but no proper release date or any details has been announced yet. We will update the dates here as soon as they announce it.

7- Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

After the last Dragon Ball Z Fighter game, people have given ample feedback as to what they want in the next game and from the looks of it, the devs have taken most of it and implemented the fans choices in their game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot which is supposed to come out in few days i.e 16th January 2020.

From all the videos and demos we saw, we see a bigger exploration area and HUB, controlling Vegeta(YES you heard that right) in a non controlled environment which basically means we get to control vegeta and free-roam with him as compared to previous games where doing this was very limited.

8- Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

As someone who has not played the previous Vampire bloodlines game, I have no clue into what this game will be about but from what we have seen, the game looks like an open world FPS ARPG game having different player choices and dialogues which will ultimately lead to different missions and maybe endings.

ARPG games have always been a favorite of mine after FPS/TPS games and i will definitely be playing this as a newcomer into the series and will let you people know how i felt as soon as we get a release window for the game, which at this point is not known.


Last year we saw a demo of the game “AVENGERS” running on the demo floor which was shown behind closed doors but was later leaked on the internet. The game is inspired by Marvel’s Avengers franchise and includes characters from the movie and also has a few new things up its sleeves with new characters and boss fights which wasn’t shown on the movies.

Developed by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, Marvel’s Avengers is supposed to release on 15 May 2020 on the consoles and PC and we hope that the game does justice to the franchise for whats its always been famous for and also introduces us to new characters as well with their own storyline.

10- Yakuza: Like a dragon

While this is the seventh game in the Yakuza series, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is something of a soft reboot.There’s a new main protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, a former yakuza who willingly spent 18 years in prison for a murder someone else in the gang committed, but is completely forgotten about by the time he gets out. The gameplay has also shifted from a beat ’em up action-style to a turn-based party RPG akin to the Dragon Quest games.

Yakuza: Like a dragon launches on 16th January 2020 for the PS4 platform.

It is also worth mentioning few games like GodFall and Elden Ring also look great from their recent teases and trailers that we saw but sadly, we havent seen any proper demo or know any release date as to when they are going to arrive this year or maybe next. We will update this part as soon as something new pops up.

Thats all for this list, let us know about your Top 10 games that you are existed to play this year down in the comments or if we missed something that you think will help us in our reviewing process as well.

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