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Tell Me Why Review: A Mundane Fairy Tale

Tell Me Why Review: A Mundane Fairy Tale Tell Me Why is a tale of two siblings meeting after ten years, journeying through, trying to find the truth about the unfaithful night, ten years ago. The night that changed their life for the worse. They share a powerful bond that continues even after they have been apart from each other. Set in the backdrop of A very well detailed, Snowy Rural Alaskan City, Delos Crossing, Tell Me Why does a lot of things right that even major AAA titles faults…

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Cooler Master MH630 Gaming Headphone Review

Cooler Master MH630 Cooler Master’s MH630 is an entry-level gaming headphone introduced for budget consumers at a decent price of approx 4000 INR. It is around 1000-1200 Rupees less than the MH650 which we reviewed in our last article. Both The MH630 and the MH650 are similar when it comes to comfort and looks with a few key differences which I will talk about below but before that, let’s see what we get in the box. Physical Overview of the MH630 The MH630 comes in a box almost same as…

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Here’s Top 10 Games We Can’t Wait to Review in 2020

2020: Golden Era of Gaming is Back? It has been over a decade that we forgot the feeling of how excited we used to get over a video game way back due to all of them being unique and amazing in their own way. 2020 will bring back those fond memories with so many amazing sequels, remakes and titles in different platforms that you will see how it could go down as another” Golden era for gaming” in the books. 2020 has lots of amazing titles, remakes, fan favorites sequels,…

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