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Immortals Fenyx Rising PC Review: A Punishing Puzzle

Immortals Fenyx Rising Review: A Punishing Puzzle Immortals Fenyx Rising. The game was first showcased at Ubisoft Conference during E3 2019 under the name of Gods and Monsters and since then this game had my attention. This game is developed by Ubisoft Quebec, the studio behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have spent 66hours in Odyssey and when I heard the developers were the same, I was intrigued. However, I should have contained my excitement because the game has many ups and downs, and it’s far from smooth…

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Valhalla Featured Gaming Reviews 

Assassins Creed Valhalla for PC Review (Spoiler-free)

“You are less mine than I am yours. And I ask of you only this, keep me honest in the times to come.” Says the main Protagonist, Eivor in Assassins Creed Valhalla during the last few mins of the game which ends my countless days of a playthrough as I finally rest comfortably knowing I beat the main game even though it felt nearly impossible but thanks to my Co-reviewer, Raghav, assisting me during the final few hours and that we were finally able to finish the main campaign. There…

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Dirt5 Featured Gaming PC Reviews 

Dirt 5 PC Review :off-Road Adventures Around the World

Introduction to Dirt 5: Dirt is one of the long-running racing franchises that has gathered a dedicated fan following over the years and also managed to be fairly consistent with each of its releases. I am a big fan of the franchise and have played all the games since Dirt 2. Over the years the Dirt games have had multidisciplinary off-road games and rally focused games. Dirt Rally 1 and 2 went on a pure simulation model that perfectly fit rally racing, while on the arcade side of things the…

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Spider-Man Miles Morales Featured Gaming PS4 Reviews 

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS4 Review (Spoiler-free)

Miles Morales & Harlem Spider-Man (2018) for the PS4 has been one of the best games that came out that year alongside the God of War. Miles Morales is the direct sequel to the 2018 game acting as an extended DLC to it and shows the journey of Miles Morales and his newfound powers in the lively city of Harlem. Peter Parker aka the Original Spider-Man goes on a vacation with MJ leaving Miles to take care of the city in his absence. Things do no pan out well for…

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