Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora PC Review

by Pratik Mody

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is the newest title to release from Massive Entertainment, the same company which bought us Division and Division 2 centered around their amazing snowdrop engine.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is also powered by the same snowdrop engine which brings in great visual fidelity and object detailing in the environment as seen in previous games. This was a very ambitious undertaking from both Massive and Ubisoft to create such a huge open world environment taking place in a fictional place called Pandora which is based loosely on the Avatar movies.

Players will take the role of Na’vi and explore a huge open world of never-before-seen Pandora alongside organizing their local Na’vi tribes and other clan members to take down the evil corporation, RDA, as they attempt to exploit the natural resources of the western frontiers of Pandora.

Avatar, just like previous Ubisoft titles, has the same open world elements and quest progression as we have come to expect from the previous Ubisoft titles. After the prologue, you are introduced to the vast, beautiful and open world of Pandora to explore.

On your journey, you will come across multiple clan members and get to know your own origin story and about your ancestors and what made them Na’vi in the first place.

Different clan members are scattered across the entire map, each having their own unique look to pandora and have their own terms of living and way of life. Helping them with their quests improves clan rank which can be used to buy various gear from the traders nearby.

Pandora is massive and beautiful with lush forest and vegetations scattered all across the map with various wildlife and plants all around. The detailing in this, thanks to snowdrop engine, has been taken to next levels with improved textures and shadows almost everywhere.

You can use your Na’vi senses to sense nearby crates or plants of use to you or smell for different wildlife which acts as a companion for everything you do

I even stopped randomly at the middle of my main quests lots of times just to take screenshots as it looks exactly out of the movies.

Movement and jumping (including midair jumps) have been pretty solid adding immersion to the gaming experience. There are Lift Vines scattered across every terrain to help elevate you up or down keeping the immersion intact.

Performance on PC running an RTX 4080 and 7800x3D CPU with 32gb of RAM yielding fantastic results. With DLSS on, I was getting around 140-170 fps on average where I had to lock the frames down to my native monitor 144hz refresh rate.

Like previous titles, we have lots of side missions, clan favors and other side activities to explore which provide us with skill points that can be used to upgrade your character. Character creation is also present at the beginning with various models and voices to choose from. You also have your usual destroying of enemies in this case RDA’s mini basses that help you grant more XP towards your skill points.

Different types of weapons like the Bow, Assault rifle, shotguns etc. are available and are based on gear system as you go from common tier to fine and superior and so on.

Gear can be upgraded at base as well to better quality with items found around pandora which upgrades damage resistance or improves stamina. Various clan designs can be retrieved for free by talking to nearby NPC’s and can be added to your gear to alter the way it looks.

Health can be received by tearing fruits from the wildlife’s or by crafting foods at the various bases and HQs to provide further stat bonuses such as energy which increases movement and stamina for short period of time.

I was actually shocked to see how impressive the facial animations and voices were in Avatar. Coming from previous Ubisoft titles, Avatar provides near perfect facial animations and solid gaming performance. There haven’t been any major bugs on my playthrough though the game crashed only once for me in my entire playthrough.


Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Review


Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is a reskinned Far Cry game coupled with gameplay elements taken from other games but this has worked to their advantage. The immersive gameplay and beautiful visuals thanks to snowdrop engine has delivered a fun experience even though the story has been dull. If you like Assassins Creed or other Ubisoft games then this certainly wont disappoint.

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