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Nokia 8 Review: Worthy Flagship?

Nokia 8 Review Nokia has finally come up with its new range of smartphones after the downfall from the Lumia series. This time the naming convention goes straight by a number after the company’s name Nokia. These phones are made by HMD Global, a startup by ex-Nokia executives which got licensed to make phones under the Nokia brand name. They announced the new range of smartphones in the Mobile World Congress 2017, which took a while to come to India. Nokia 8 comes with a price tag of Rs. 36,999…

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Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin: Creating Wallet With ID/ Without ID/ Buying/Selling

What is a Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is basically in layman’s terms: Digital Money Bitcoin has become popular since the past year now after it got a big boom when it hit $1000 from a very small amount where most of the new big whales/investors invested big on it and saw the future for their returns. Bitcoins are normally encrypted which helps the holder of the same to stay anonymous and at the same time stay safe while sending/receiving.   Why use bitcoins? Are they safe? What’s the…

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