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Asus ROG Strix Scope PBT Mechanical Keyboard Review

 ASUS ROG Family So last week, I looked at ASUS’s new lineup of headphones, namely the ASUS ROG Delta and showcased how good ASUS products are when it comes to everything which matters. The price is generally high for these products but is mostly catered to people who generally want to buy something for themselves that would last them for a good number of years and has the best build quality and performance in them no matter the price. Today, I will be talking about their next product in the…

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Kojima Unleashed – Death Stranding Review

I spent the majority of my time in Death Stranding building highways, laying bridges over chasms, and setting up a network of zip-lines to get around the craggy landscape at a brisk pace. For this, I scrambled up steep cliffs, unfriendly rock faces, and trudged through waist-deep snow, not just to deliver cargo, but to help other players. That is the heart and soul of Death Stranding – tapping into an innate desire to help and make delivering orders easier for others.  But does it work as a game? The…

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ASUS ROG Delta RGB Quad DAC Hi-Res Gaming Headset Review

Introduction Asus, one of the best motherboard manufactures in the industry recently came up with its new line of gaming headphones. Today, we will be reviewing their new ROG Delta RGB Quad-DAC Gaming Headset and see what all the fuss is about and whether it’s worth buying or not. Generally speaking, gaming headphones have never been good when it came to listening to music but have been always good regarding positional audio, which is something very important when it comes to gaming. Will this headphone tell the same story or…

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The Outer Worlds Review – Roller Coaster of Emotions and Travel(Spoiler Free Review)

After a total mess, that was Fallout 76 which was full of bugs, glitches and invisible enemies, The outer worlds came as a big surprise and a breath of Fresh Air. RPG games, especially good RPG games take time and a lot of work hours to be made into a Semi perfect/ perfect game. This is a perfect example of such a game. Obsidian did not only deliver its best RPG of all time but also showed other developers as to how RPGs should be made. They are also behind…

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