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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Review

Somewhere off in the distance, a flickering orange light pinpoints the location of your camp as you quietly sneak through the woods, bow in hand. You are miles away from civilization, something Arthur Morgan probably is thankful for, considering his disdain for the onslaught of elites from New York and Washington on his way of life. It’s within these moments of tracking your prey, and sometimes becoming the prey yourself, that Red Dead Redemption 2 shines the brightest. There is no reason to head back to civilization, to the towns…

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Kojima Unleashed – Death Stranding Review

I spent the majority of my time in Death Stranding building highways, laying bridges over chasms, and setting up a network of zip-lines to get around the craggy landscape at a brisk pace. For this, I scrambled up steep cliffs, unfriendly rock faces, and trudged through waist-deep snow, not just to deliver cargo, but to help other players. That is the heart and soul of Death Stranding – tapping into an innate desire to help and make delivering orders easier for others.  But does it work as a game? The…

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