middle earth shadow of war micro transaction Featured Gaming PC PS4 Xbox One 

Alas! Microtransactions Invade Middle Earth: Shadow of War

The upcoming game Middle Earth: Shadow of War is going to expand the nemesis system which has already proven its merit among gamers. But this time it will feature microtransactions. In a recent update Monolith, the developers behind the game has shed some light on how it will work. According to the studio’s official announcement, “players can purchase Loot Chests, War Chests, XP Boosts and Bundles” through the market to strengthen their army. The loot chests will contain weapons and armors, XP boosts, which will help Talion level up much…

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XBox controller wireless adapter Gaming PC Xbox One 

Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Adapter is smaller than ever

Microsoft announced their new Xbox wireless adapter for their Xbox controller. It looks like a regular USB drive which is a sure improvement from the last one. The new adapter is about 66% smaller than the old adapter. It supports eight controllers simultaneously, as well as four chat headsets or two stereo headsets. It will go on sale starting August 8th for $24.99. Pre orders are also available from the Microsoft website. Pre orders are also available from the Microsoft website. Also read: Meet the Xbox One X

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mafia Featured Gaming PC PS4 Xbox One X 

Mafia III Sign of the Times DLC Announced

The latest entry in the Mafia franchise draws to a close with its final DLC storyline.  To release later this month, a new informative trailer is out! Sign of the Times – as it is named, the DLC features an expanded storyline which takes the game’s protagonist Lincoln Clay in pursuit of a bloody cult. Further information  is given below in addition to a lengthy and informative trailer: With Faster, Baby!, Lincoln Clay went on high-speed chases through Sinclair Parish, while in Stones Unturned, he partnered with John Donovan in an explosive action…

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loot boxes Featured Gaming PC PS4 Xbox One 

Loot Boxes are coming to Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft continues to support its tactical multiplayer shooter with further cosmetic updates via loot boxes. Titled Alpha Packs, these new loot boxes only have cosmetic items to unlock and isn’t purchasable with in-game premium currency. This may mean several hours of grinding matches before you can get a specific skin of your choice. The Alpha Packs can, however, be unlocked with Renown the experience-cum-currency awarded post match. In addition to purchases with Renown, random drops may also occur to players after every match, providing two ways to earning the Alpha…

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Featured Gaming Xbox One X 

Meet the all-new Xbox One X: More Power, Even Smaller!

Microsoft has been teasing their Project Scorpio since E3 2016. This year we finally get to see what it really is as Microsoft removed the drapery from Project Scorpio and revealed the all-new Xbox One X. Microsoft has stuck with their naming scheme, last time it was S and now X. This new console will be capable of 4K visuals at 60 FPS whilst also providing good image quality on lower resolution panels like 1080p by super-sampling the video output to make them much better than that resolution. Most older games…

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