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Outriders PC Review- Extremely Fun Game That We Cannot Recommend Right Now

OUTRIDERS REVIEW Gears of War. Bulletstorm. Painkiller. And now… Outriders. The only occasion when these words can be said in the same breath is when people talk about games developed by People Can Fly. A company that has churned out some of the biggest masterpieces in the shooter genre. Until now. When Outriders – (the latest addition to their creations) have pretty much exemplified what a looter shooter should NOT do. Having said that, let’s dive into this game in detail and take a look at the plethora of ways…

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Narita-Boy Featured Gaming PC Reviews 

Narita Boy PC Review- Full of Fun and Pixels

Are you an 80s gamer, or simply an aficionado of retro games, looking for a chill gaming session along with a huge wave of nostalgia? A few hours of digital decapitation and pixelated gore? Have you been looking for an AA Metroidvania where you can hack and slash past waves of enemies, while you dance off mentally to an amazing soundtrack? Look no further, because Narita Boy from Studio Koba is here to do that and more! Story : The story of Narita Boy shows off two worlds that are…

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