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DOOM Eternal PC Review – RAZING HELL

DOOM Eternal DOOM Eternal did something that fans of classical arena shooters were complaining for so many years i.e their need for a new arena shooter single-player campaign experience and id Software finally delivered it. DOOM Eternal is a direct sequel to the DOOM (2016) and is set two years after the invasion of Demons on Mars. Doomslayer went missing in action as he was teleported in some unknown location while at the same time, the demons invaded the earth and there was no one to defend it. The resistance…

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Durgod Hades 68 65% RGB mechanical Keyboard Featured Gaming Hardware PC Technology 

Durgod Hades 68 65% Layout RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review- Elegant, RGB,Minimalist

Some Background On the Durgod Hades Today, we will be taking a look at one of Durgod’s keyboards and we have one of their flagship products, The Hades 68, which is their 65% Layout mechanical keyboard which includes the arrow keys and has the tenkeyless design but at the same time minimizing the footprints by removing few more keys and adding their functions in other keys as secondary functions. If you do not know about Durgod, you can check out my previous experience with their product by clicking Here. Durgod…

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Cooler Master Launch event Featured Technology 

Event Report: Cooler Master Kolkata Launch Event- New AIO/Cabinet and More

Cooler Master Kolkata Launch Event, in Collaboration With VedantComputers Cooler Master in collaboration with Vedant Computers, today invited all the influencers, Content Creator’s and other well known people from the kolkata community to their very own launch event in Sudden Street,OYO,Kolkata. Its been a while that there have been any kind of launch event in kolkata, so it was good to see that Cooler Master took this opportunity to connect with multiple people from the Kolkata community and showcase their new products in the process. Vedant Computers, known as one…

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Here’s Top 10 Games We Can’t Wait to Review in 2020

2020: Golden Era of Gaming is Back? It has been over a decade that we forgot the feeling of how excited we used to get over a video game way back due to all of them being unique and amazing in their own way. 2020 will bring back those fond memories with so many amazing sequels, remakes and titles in different platforms that you will see how it could go down as another” Golden era for gaming” in the books. 2020 has lots of amazing titles, remakes, fan favorites sequels,…

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Borderlands 3 Review : Fun,Rewarding & A Better Sequel

Introduction To Borderlands For those new to the borderlands series, this game made the looter shooter genre famous by being different from other looter shooter games. It made its own subclass and through its visually stunning cell-shaded graphics, it made its very own fan base. Borderlands 1 came out almost 10 years ago, nostalgic factor here is so high that, most people including me could easily go back to it and replay it without giving it a proper thought.  The entire series never had any good plot storylines, but what…

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Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse Review

Introduction Cooler Master has recently launched its new lightest gaming mouse, the MM710 weighing at only 53gm. This new honeycomb design has been very welcoming among both the competitive gamers as well as the casual gaming crowd especially in 2019. Generally, gamers usually like heavy mice since it helps with the grip and help stabilize their aim while playing any game, be it competitive in nature or just another AAA game.  But things have started to change drastically over a period of time after the launch of the Glorious Model…

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Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Corona Mechanical Keyboard Review- Fast,Silent &Minimalistic

DURGOD Durgod, a brand not known in India, by most people have started giving review samples to reviewers all around the world. Durgod is known to make really good keyboards and is a peripheral equipment brand established in Zhuhai, China. Currently, they are in the process of distributing their awesome keyboards worldwide and are looking for distributors from all over to help them with their sales and know about. Today, we will be taking a look at one of their keyboards. The one I have here is one of their flagship…

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New PUBG 4×4 Savage Map Beta Review

PUBG’s new 4×4 map codenamed SAVAGE got revealed as a separate game for closed beta testing. The keys for the same can be found in PUBG’s Official Site and you have to authenticate your steam account to get an access code to redeem in the steam library from where you will be able to download the game and try it for yourself. The map is indeed small, in fact so small that you can go anywhere you want and glide from one part of the map to other without any issues whatsoever.…

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