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Half-Life gets a new minor update fixing various elements

Valve’s updated the original Half-Life. But before you get your hype up with the number 3, we’re here to inform you it’s only a minor update for fixes In a time where games are either unfinished or forgotten after release to work on their DLCs and perhaps sequels, it is amazing to see a game from almost a generation ago receive an update. Though it is quite common for Valve to update their games despite the age, such as their multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2. Still, a performance update seems bizarre…

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Steam summer sale aftermath – 40000 accounts banned

There are some unforeseen consequences to cheaters, one of them is the might of the banhammer. Due to Valve’s anti-cheat policies, it seems almost 40000 accounts were banned. This happened on July 6, after the steam summer sale. According to SteamDB, Valve banned 40,034 accounts on July 6, only a day after the steam summer sale. As evident by the image below, it is quite the spike in Valve’s policy. On average, however, there are only around 3000 to 4000 bans per day. A possible reason behind these bans is…

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Pre-Orders And Hype In the Gaming Industry

Introduction With E3 upcoming in a few days, something that came to my attention was an aspect of the gaming industry that often provokes much-heated debate in the minds of developers and consumers: the thorny issue of Pre-orders, and to a lesser extent, that of hyping, especially overhyping, a game. I want to give my two cents on the matter, and I hope that I don’t bore you all. PRE-ORDERS AND HYPE Before I continue in this article, I would like to make a point. All games and any forms…

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