Cosmic Byte SIRIUS Bluetooth RGB Mechanical Wireless TKL Keyboard Review

by Pratik Mody


Cosmic Byte is known to make decent quality budget-oriented PC peripherals for consumers for a long time now. Today, I have received one of the highly anticipated products from them, specifically a Bluetooth Mechanical keyboard, and what makes it so special is its price point. So without any further ado, let’s get to the full in-depth review of the new SIRIUS Bluetooth Mechanical RGB Keyboard.

Cosmic Byte


The SIRIUS from Cosmic Byte comes in this compact form factor box and inside we find the manual, key puller, and the micro USB charging cable. It would have been good to see a Type-C connector and cable here but given the price point of only INR 4500, it’s hard to expect something like that at this budget price range so we shall let it pass.

The Keyboard itself is protected via the protective film which is a standard for most keyboards with both sides tucked with light thermocol/Polystyrene.


Here is the SIRIUS Bluetooth RGB Mechanical Keyboard in all its glory. It looks beautiful with its RGB Backlit.



Now that it’s unboxed, let’s get down to the review and find out whether it’s worth paying INR 4500 for the SIRIUS Keyboard from Cosmic Byte.


The SIRIUS RGB Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard from Cosmic Byte is one of its kind for the Indian market. This is the only product in the market right now to provide a wireless convenience for an RGB Mechanical keyboard at this amazing price point of just INR 4500.

The SIRIUS keyboard packs a lot of features for the price. At the back, you have the ON/Off Switch which can be used to power on the Keyboard in Wireless/Bluetooth Mode. You can also use it in wired mode for charging the keyboard or to use the ALL-key anti-ghosting feature as the Bluetooth functionality only supports 6 key anti-ghosting which is more than decent at this price.

There are no proper mechanical foot stands in the SIRIUS Keyboard which is a bummer for most people like me who use it all the time for proper height adjustment but small circular feet are provided which lifts the keyboard up a bit, but that’s about it.

The keyboard is built well with the metallic body as a base and hard plastic on the bottom as a shell.

The SIRIUS keyboard is fully compact given its TKL design and also dual knobs that you find on both sides of the keyboards which control the RGB lighting and volume respectively.

The keyboard comes equipped with the Outemu Blue switches with injection-molded double-shot keycaps which are equivalent to Cherry MX blue switches in typing experience and feel with the only difference being that the Outemu switches have less key travel than the blues while keeping the tactile and noise levels the same as the Cherry blue switches. So for those who like blue keys, they would feel right at home with these as well.

There are dual knobs present on both sides of the keyboard at the top. The left knob controls the RGB while the one on the right controls the Volume. There is no software for the SIRIUS keyboard, hence everything regarding the RGB can be controlled by pressing the left knob once and brightness can be controlled by rotating the same knob as well. There are a total of 18 backlight effects to choose from.

The Bluetooth range for wireless functionality is around 10m as suggested by Cosmic Byte and has been tested as well for confirmation.

Keyboard shortcuts are present as well like the FN+END changes the color of the RGB in a single color and can be combined with the left side knob to control the speed of the lights as well thus creating your own unique RGB preset.

The cosmic byte logo is present on the upper side of the arrow keys which is a standard like other keyboard brands.

The distance between the keys is fairly decent making it comfortable for typing given its compact TKL layout. Typing and Gaming experience has been good for me personally but I am not a fan of the loud noises created by the blue switches. I would have liked for Cosmic Byte to provide linear switches as well such as Red keys which would have been a perfect fit for me since, in the other departments, the SIRIUS demolishes every other competitor when it comes to providing a VFM Experience alongside its features.

Speaking of wireless connectivity, you can pair up to three different devices and save them into different profiles by clicking one of the three available Bluetooth switches on the top side as you see below. After pairing a device via Bluetooth, just press the button to save them into the flash memory of the keyboard for easy access in the future. You can switch between those three different profiles as you like later on.

Pairing is simple, just hold the Bluetooth logo button on the left side for few secs until you see it blinking and then release it, you should be able to see this keyboard list in your other device which you want to pair it with and you can simply connect to it and save that device in any of the available 1,2,3 slots.

SIRIUS also has the standard functionalities to control multimedia via their secondary function keys that are present from the F1 till F8 keys. Holding down FN and the respective keys will trigger such functions.

There are LEd indicators as well which shows whether the keyboard is connected via Bluetooth or wired mode and has the other regular indicators for Caps and scroll locks respectively along with the battery indicator as well.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Cosmic Byte for sending us their SIRIUS keyboard for Reviewing purposes. Please check the link below if you are interested in buying the product. You can buy this keyboard for an even cheaper price of INR 4499 from their own website.


Cosmic Byte SIRIUS Bluetooth RGB Mechanical Wireless TKL Keyboard Review


For the Price of only 4499 INR in the Indian Market, I would highly recommend buying this keyboard for all the features it provides especially if you like Cherry MX Blue/Outemu Blue switches. The wireless functionality along with its all key anti-ghosting while on wired mode makes it perfect for traveling as well as for gaming while providing an amazing VFM experience to the end-users. The only feedback I can provide for this is for Cosmic Byte to include Linear key switches such as Red keys to satisfy the other half of the people like me who do not like Clicky noises and sounds or tactile clicks in general. Overall, a solid keyboard for the Price point.

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