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Cooler Master MasterLiquid Maker 240 Hands On Review

Introduction With desktop CPUs getting more and more powerful, liquid cooling is becoming more mainstream than ever. The market for low maintenance fit-and-forget AIO coolers has gone up significantly and we are seeing more AIOs being launched at reasonable prices. Cooler Master has sent us their new MasterLiquid Maker 240 which is an open loop cooling solution for review purpose which we shall be looking at today. They have been hard at work at bringing consumers good products at good prices especially with the release of their Masterbox LITE 5 RGB…

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Cooler Master MasterBox LITE 5 RGB Review: RGB and Tempered Glass for 4999

Introduction We are all familiar with Cooler Master’s aggression with their ‘Master’ series of products. The Mastercases are very popular for their customizability and modularity. But the Mastercases aren’t exactly cheap, in fact, they are premium offerings. They come with a considerably high price tag which might be out of reach for some budget restricted shoppers and this is where the Masterbox series comes into play. This time around, Cooler Master has launched another iteration to the Masterbox 5, of which they have modestly sent us a unit. We are…

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