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Best Budget Esports PC Gaming Build Under 60,000 INR

Best Time To Build A PC? It has been a long time since we have seen the prices go as low as it is right now for PC hardware, especially Graphics card and SSD. Thanks to Bitcoin crashing to its lowest in the recent times, lot of miners have been dumping their GPU’s to get some resale value out of their investment while on the other hand, GPU sellers such as Nvidia and AMD are trying to sell their overstock of their GPU’s for cheaper prices than it was during…

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AMD Ryzen 1300X Review Ft MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard

Time to Ryzen For quite a few years now, after the launch of the FX series by AMD, we did not quite see any other releases which made big in the Team Red side of things. Intel took this opportunity to monopolize itself in the market with its own price and made people run for their money. However after AMD came up with its new Ryzen CPU Lineup, things have significantly changed. From launch dates, AMD’s Ryzen processors have been rampant in the market. Following the tradition of bringing more…

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Ryzen Gaming PC Build Under 60000 INR Featuring RX 480/580

Ryzen Build under 60K In our previous build, we made a budget gaming PC build under the same 60K price margin but with intel/Nvidia as the brands. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so Here. Today we will be doing a Ryzen build made for gamer’s who sometimes will do streaming too and will utilize those extra cores and put them to use. In this article, we will be taking in the Red team with Ryzen in CPU department and an RX 480/580 in GPU department. The…

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