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Mafia: Definitive Edition PC Review: Modern Take on the Cult Classic

The Original Mafia game came out in 2002 and was highly praised as one of the best crime-based action games ever made. Jump into 2020, and we finally have a remake build from the ground up of the cult-classic by developer 2K Games. Mafia: Definitive Edition comes with a lot of changes and is not just Hi-res textures and a couple of weather changes being dumped onto a new game engine to be called as a “Definitive” Experience. It is a fully ground-up remake of the 2002 cult classic. The…

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Borderlands 3 Review : Fun,Rewarding & A Better Sequel

Introduction To Borderlands For those new to the borderlands series, this game made the looter shooter genre famous by being different from other looter shooter games. It made its own subclass and through its visually stunning cell-shaded graphics, it made its very own fan base. Borderlands 1 came out almost 10 years ago, nostalgic factor here is so high that, most people including me could easily go back to it and replay it without giving it a proper thought.  The entire series never had any good plot storylines, but what…

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