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Alas! Microtransactions Invade Middle Earth: Shadow of War

The upcoming game Middle Earth: Shadow of War is going to expand the nemesis system which has already proven its merit among gamers. But this time it will feature microtransactions. In a recent update Monolith, the developers behind the game has shed some light on how it will work. According to the studio’s official announcement, “players can purchase Loot Chests, War Chests, XP Boosts and Bundles” through the market to strengthen their army. The loot chests will contain weapons and armors, XP boosts, which will help Talion level up much…

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SteelSeries nailing ‘true 1-to-1’ mouse tracking

SteelSeries the gaming peripheral company has promised to deliver the Holy Grail for gamers: true “1-to-1” tracking. The company’s new TrueMove3 sensor means the movement of the mouse will match exactly with the movement of the mouse pointer on the screen, regardless of the CPI setting (counts per inch, or the number of pixels your mouse moves in a single inch). SteelSeries partnered with PixArt, the guys behind the Wii Remote, the sensor is a result of company’s 15-year long effort for the perfect gaming mouse. It is available exclusively…

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Pre-Orders And Hype In the Gaming Industry

Introduction With E3 upcoming in a few days, something that came to my attention was an aspect of the gaming industry that often provokes much-heated debate in the minds of developers and consumers: the thorny issue of Pre-orders, and to a lesser extent, that of hyping, especially overhyping, a game. I want to give my two cents on the matter, and I hope that I don’t bore you all. PRE-ORDERS AND HYPE Before I continue in this article, I would like to make a point. All games and any forms…

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