UBISOFT E3 2017 Featured Gaming 


  Ubisoft’s E3 press conference was brisk, full of interesting reveals and interesting showcases of games in development. Here’s a brief recap, game by game:   MARIO AND RABBIDS: Nintendo’s chief designer Shigeru Miyamoto made a dramatic announcement, with a Mario-Rabbids crossover being released. It’s a turn-based RPG. The game appears to be fun, and it comes out on the switch on April 29.     CREW 2: The popular racing game had a trailer reveal, which shows off the massive pen world setting of the game, and various vehicles…

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Featured Gaming Xbox One X 

Meet the all-new Xbox One X: More Power, Even Smaller!

Microsoft has been teasing their Project Scorpio since E3 2016. This year we finally get to see what it really is as Microsoft removed the drapery from Project Scorpio and revealed the all-new Xbox One X. Microsoft has stuck with their naming scheme, last time it was S and now X. This new console will be capable of 4K visuals at 60 FPS whilst also providing good image quality on lower resolution panels like 1080p by super-sampling the video output to make them much better than that resolution. Most older games…

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EA Kicks Off This Year’s E3 With It’s Pre-E3 Press Conference

Last night EA got over with their showcase, the first conference in the Gamer’s Christmas: E3. I was extremely skeptical of  Electronic Arts’ big pre-E3 press conference since I don’t exactly like EA. But in a way, the conference was not at all sub-par. They teased a hefty load of things which somehow made me board the hype train. So if anyone of you bright lads missed the pre-E3 conference, here is a quick summary of what went down last night. Madden NFL 18 Gets A New Story Mode  EA…

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