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Best Budget Esports PC Gaming Build Under 60,000 INR

Best Time To Build A PC? It has been a long time since we have seen the prices go as low as it is right now for PC hardware, especially Graphics card and SSD. Thanks to Bitcoin crashing to its lowest in the recent times, lot of miners have been dumping their GPU’s to get some resale value out of their investment while on the other hand, GPU sellers such as Nvidia and AMD are trying to sell their overstock of their GPU’s for cheaper prices than it was during…

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New PUBG 4×4 Savage Map Beta Review

PUBG’s new 4×4 map codenamed SAVAGE got revealed as a separate game for closed beta testing. The keys for the same can be found in PUBG’s Official Site and you have to authenticate your steam account to get an access code to redeem in the steam library from where you will be able to download the game and try it for yourself. The map is indeed small, in fact so small that you can go anywhere you want and glide from one part of the map to other without any issues whatsoever.…

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PUBG New 4×4 KM Map Codenamed SAVAGE Revealed, Get your keys now

PUBG 4×4 Map Codenamed SAVAGE PUBG’s  twitter handle started giving out beta keys to the public for its new 4×4 map codenamed SAVAGE. This is the concept art of the map   After you go to the link given, you will be asked to log in via your steam client and verify that you own the base game in order to be qualified to get the beta key. Once its verified, you will see a key there on the next page which you will have to redeem in your steam library…

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