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Death Stranding Director’s Cut PS5 Review- A Minor Upgrade

Introduction It has been two years since Kojima’s latest creation, Death Stranding, was released on Playstation to wildly divided reviews. While some hailed it as a great game, a lot of the players appraised it quite critically. However, the game certainly made an impact and now, with the release of the Director’s Cut on PlayStation 5, we get a chance to see how it performs on next-gen consoles in a completely new package. STORY AND GAMEPLAY: The game remains what it was – a delivery simulator, albeit one that will…

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Kojima Unleashed – Death Stranding Review

I spent the majority of my time in Death Stranding building highways, laying bridges over chasms, and setting up a network of zip-lines to get around the craggy landscape at a brisk pace. For this, I scrambled up steep cliffs, unfriendly rock faces, and trudged through waist-deep snow, not just to deliver cargo, but to help other players. That is the heart and soul of Death Stranding – tapping into an innate desire to help and make delivering orders easier for others.  But does it work as a game? The…

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