AMD Threadripper Retail Packaging Unveiled: It Looks Awesome!

AMD has caused a huge chaos in the mainstream platform with their breakout-success Ryzen series of CPUs. But Intel hasn’t experienced any challenges in the enthusiast tier until now, but that won’t be for long since AMD’s Threadripper series of enthusiast chips set to launch on 10th August.

Lisa Su Threadripper Package Twitter Reveal

As of now, AMD CEO Lisa Su has unveiled the retail packaging of Threadripper on Twitter and it’s noticeable large (large box for a massive CPU) and looks quite premium. The clear plastic window in front has the Ryzen Threadripper logo printed on it.

Threadripper is set to compete head-on with Intel’s newly released Core-X CPU lineup. AMD has kept pricing quite aggressive with the top-of-the-line 16-core 32-thread Threadripper 1950X coming at $999. It has a 3.4GHz base/4.0 GHz boost clock speed with 32MB/8MB of L3/L2 cache and fits in the massive TR4 socket which happens to be an LGA-type socket rather than AMD’s usual PGA-type sockets.

Could this be another market disruptor on the high-end?

Well, Intel is preparing some serious additions to the HEDT lineup with their upcoming Core i9 series boasting a monstrous maximum of 18 cores 36 threads, but pricing is a huge concern as of now. On the other hand, AMD’s pricing strategy might keep the competition in check for quite some time in the near future.

In time we’ll have answers to all of these questions