The International 2019 Battle Pass – Best Compendium Yet?

It’s that time of the year again to empty your wallets wave your hard earned money goodbye. The long anticipated Dota 2 compendium, the TI9 battle pass has finally launched.

I have always found Dota 2 battle pass to be much more rewarding in general when you compare with passes in other games which seem to make do with a lot of unappealing items (before you scream at me, yes there are a lot of good items but in general there are more which seem like filler material) and they offer a decent amount of goodies for a level 1 battle pass.

Treasure I, II and III each have a rare, very rare and ultra-rare items. Just like every year the immortal treasure 1 is open at launch time, the other two will be unlocked at later stages in the coming weeks.

Each level of the compendium requires 1000 bp (battle points) and at most levels you reach there are rewards for you to collect, ranging from skins, terrains, custom lane creeps to exclusive battle pass exclusive non-tradable non-marketable items (for example the Prestige item or the Axe-without-an-axe Axe?). Points can be earned by wagering tokens and earning double your wager amount as bp if you win the match. You can also tip fellow players in game for a small amount for free in-game, they can also tip you back for a small amount of bp.

Apart from this there are a plethora of achievements and time bound challenges in the battle pass which refresh after set durations (daily, weekly challenges) which gives you opportunity to grab more bp and level up your battle pass faster. Also, the compendium has a prize pool counter with two landmark targets, one at 30 million another at last year’s  million. Surpassing each of the two gives 10,000 bp (basically 10 free levels) to each player at each landmark crossed.

An interesting change is that the new battle pass doesn’t have dota plus exclusive rewards.

This year’s battle pass theme is ‘Enchanted Jungle Ruins’ with a dominantly purple color scheme. Hence all the special effects ranging from euls to fountain heal have a purple visual effect, each visual effect is unlocked at different levels as you progress. Items are also made according to the theme in mind. The courier is a bug which seems grow with each upgrade, final upgrade being golden.

However, not all is well so far. Reportedly, this year’s compendium had a low 3 hour collection compared to the last few years. Also, there has been a change to the recycling system, now it gives 1 treasure + 1 Rylai’s spin for 4 recycled immortals, unlike the level bonus in last year’s battle pass. This has caused quite a fair bit of inconvenience as recycling to gain levels seems harder and people are forced to empty their wallets to gain the same. Also there are no obtainable bonus level clusters like last year. So if you were planning on getting 600 levels and grinding your battle pass upto 1k, you might need to reconsider your decision due to the reasons above.

In-game shenanigans include being able to high five teammates or play drums together, or maybe summon monkeys to throw filth at enemies for some extra salt. Maybe occasionally dig up the ground using shovels to search for hidden loot, or summon a snake baloon. The 2019 battle pass is not cutting corners (much) on fun aspects.

Amongst all of this we have yet to see the most highlighted items like the Invoker Persona (seems intriguing), Tiny Prestige item or the Earthshaker arcana (who saw that coming huh?). The special event “The Wrath of Morokai” is yet to be unveiled. So far it may not look like the best battle pass, but the release of further highlighted items can change the picture. Only time will tell, so keep calm, cross our fingers and queue ranked, go ‘CEEEEEEB’ and keep leveling up.