Samsung’s 33.8-foot 4K Cinema Screen Debuts in Korea

Movie theaters conventionally use projectors for room-scale viewing, but Samsung wants to remove the middleman, with a sizable 33-foot 4K screen

Samsung aims to move beyond consumer electronics by providing these giant screens to movie theaters in hopes of introducing quality viewing experience from the future. Their very first Cinema LED screen is here today on a massive scale of 33.8 feet. The display is fully capable of displaying at 4K resolution and according to a press release, offers “peak brightness levels nearly 10 times greater than that offered by standard projector technologies.”

Picture Courtesy: Engadget

Without subtlety, Samsung wants to provide a digital renaissance to filmmakers and studios, providing “distortion-free” and “near infinite contrast ratio” display technologies. Additionally, JBL will be handling the audio on the sides of this panel, providing “unparalleled sight and sound experience the way the content creators intended.”

The display is compliant for commercial debut only after a series of rigorous tests done in the favor of Digital Cinema Initiatives¬†theater technology standards. Named the “Super S”, the display is ready to debut the movies Cars 3 and Spider-man: Homecoming at the Lotte World Tower location of Lotte Cinemas in Korea, according to Screen Daily.