RX Vega 64 Official Pictures Leaked

Ahead of the official launch, a leak via Videocardz provides us a sneak peek at the upcoming RX Vega 64 graphics cards

RX Vega Reference

The most basic and cheapest variant with the same blower-style cooler similar to the previous generation RX 500 series (except with dual 8-pin power connectors).

RX Vega 64 Stock

RX Vega Limited Edition

This variant was previously spotted in a leaked Chinese teaser. This is also a blower style cooler but one with a brushed aluminium shroud with a red Vega logo and a small red ‘R’ LED on the corner. It might have the same clock speeds as the reference.

RX Vega Limited Edition Air

In addition to these two, there will also be a liquid edition of the card with a pre-installed water-block with a shroud similar to the Limited Edition card.

Source Article: Videocardz

AMD is set to release Vega and Threadripper at Siggraph 2017 (starts 30 July, Los Angeles).