Overwatch Olympic Themed Summer Event 2017

Overwatch has announced its second Olympic themed summer games, starting from August 8th, until August 29th.
The timed event will reintroduce last year’s Olympic themed skins at a lower cost, with the addition of new skins and a soccer-style Lúcioball multiplayer mode, with a few changes and a changed system.

OVW summer games 2

Last time when the summer games had debuted, players could not use in game currency to buy items, which upset many, as many assumed the event wouldn’t return perhaps for another four years, or in two years in time for the Winter Olympics in 2018. Blizzard has since changed how it handles timed event loot, allowing players to now purchase items using in-game currency earned while playing in the event or stockpiled beforehand.
Now, Blizzard is bringing back all of those old cosmetic items at a lower cost. The developer says 2016 Summer Event skins can be purchased for 1,000 credits, while epic skins will cost 250 credits and rare items will cost items 75 credits. For the brand new items, Blizzard is charging the standard rates: 3,000 credits for new legendary skins, 750 for epic ones, and 225 for rare.

You can (of course) obtain these items via loot boxes, which can be bought or earned, and Blizzard back in June decided to make a software-side tweak that cut down on the number of duplicates players receive. Overwatch head Jeff Kaplan confirmed in Blizzard’s developer’s update today that this Summer Games event will be the first ever timed Overwatch event to feature the new loot box system. That means you won’t suffer as much from the unforgiving mercy of the game’s prior randomness. That’s good news if you happen to want to try and collect everything in the short window of time before the event ends.

OVW Summer games 3