Mozilla releases new voice search, file sharing and note taking features for Firefox

Firefox is bringing in some experimental features to its browser.

Firefox has been steadily improving and it feels faster and leaner than ever today. The three new
Test Pilot experiments that bring voice search, built-in note taking and a tool for sending large files to the browser.

These are obviously experimental tools and there is no guarantee that it will ever make it into a release version of Firefox. The whole idea behind Test Pilot is to allow the Firefox team to test new features and concepts. Early experiments included side tabs and activity streams. The Test Pilot add-on has to be installed to try these features.

The voice search works currently work on Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo homepages, note-taking features are browser plugins and the Send tool is web-based and allows anybody to send files up to 1gb of data no matter which browser one use. The file is first uploaded and encrypted. Then it gives a link which one can share with co-workers or friends to share files. The only caveat is that the file gets deleted after one download or after one day.
The built-in encryption and the open-source nature of the tool do make Firefox very attractive.