Alas! Microtransactions Invade Middle Earth: Shadow of War

The upcoming game Middle Earth: Shadow of War is going to expand the nemesis system which has already proven its merit among gamers. But this time it will feature microtransactions. In a recent update Monolith, the developers behind the game has shed some light on how it will work.

According to the studio’s official announcement, “players can purchase Loot Chests, War Chests, XP Boosts and Bundles” through the market to strengthen their army.

The loot chests will contain weapons and armors, XP boosts, which will help Talion level up much faster. War Chests will contain new Orc followers that will help you strengthen your army, as well as, Training Orders, which lets you level up and customize your Orcs. Microtransactions include bundles, which will be a mash up of Loot Chests, War Chests and XP Boosts.

All these items can be bought using Mirian which is an in game currency that can be acquired by defeating Treasure Orcs, destroying Gear for Mirian, destroying Orc followers for Gear and finding Mirian stashes throughout the game.

Gold is another currency that players can use to buy those crates and XP boosts. But they are available in short amounts through out the game. You can buy gold at PlayStation Store, Xbox Store or by adding to your Steam Wallet using real money. This can drastically reduce one’s grinding time albeit he is willing to spend real money on it.

middle earth shadow of war micro transaction

The company has emphasized on the fact that all the content can be acquired naturally through normal gameplay.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 10. Its predecessor, Shadow of Mordor, has been updated with a Nemesis Forge feature that will let you import your followers and enemies to the new game.