Loot Boxes are coming to Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft continues to support its tactical multiplayer shooter with further cosmetic updates via loot boxes.

Titled Alpha Packs, these new loot boxes only have cosmetic items to unlock and isn’t purchasable with in-game premium currency. This may mean several hours of grinding matches before you can get a specific skin of your choice.

The Alpha Packs can, however, be unlocked with Renown the experience-cum-currency awarded post match. In addition to purchases with Renown, random drops may also occur to players after every match, providing two ways to earning the Alpha Packs. The packs contain cosmetic items which let you personalize operators to your heart’s content. Also, as per a developer from Ubisoft Montreal, free loot boxes are there for those who play longer durations.

The core system for obtaining Alpha Packs works as such:

  • You will gain an increased chance for completing a match (win or lose). You gain a minimal amount for losing, and you only roll for a pack when you win a match.
  • If you roll for a pack and lose the roll, your chance rating is carried over and compounded with the chance you get from the next match.
  • Essentially, you continue to increase your chance rating until you win an Alpha Pack, and you can only roll to win an Alpha Pack after winning a match.

The Alpha Pack update is slowly being released across platforms, as opposed to a single day release. This update will be a part of Version 2.2.1 and greater.

Video showcase for loot boxes: