Journalist Class in Cyberpunk 2077, says Mike Pondsmith

The much-awaited sci-fi role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077  is said to have non-combat roles. This is coming from the creator of the original tabletop game of the same name.

While appearing for a video interview (courtesy of Gamereactor), Mike Pondsmith gave us new insights into the game, while still staying confidential surrounding the matter.

The tabletop game from 1988 is filled with various classes or roles such as journalist, rockstar, executive etc. When asked if these roles could be played in the game, Mike responded kindly to the interviewer as such:

Yes, you can. They’re all going to be there, but I can tell you’re going to find some surprises about how we’ve done it and I think you’re really going to like it. There’s a lot of subtlety going on there. Adam (Kiciński, CD Projekt RED’s President and co-CEO) and I spent literally like a whole week messing with the ways of implementing that, so you get the most feel for your character.

Cyberpunk tabletop RPG has nine classes, titled roles. These are Cop, Corporate, Fixer, Media, Netrunner, Nomad, Rockerboy, Solo, Techie, and Med-Tech.

It’s difficult to say if all these roles will playable in the upcoming game or if the developer CD Projekt Red will take some liberties to alter the tabletop formula. As of now, the developers are in full focus on building the best experience we can get from the game, so positive vibes is a must.

Mike Pondsmith is fond of how Cyberpunk 2077 looks, saying,

The vision is really pretty close to what I had in my head years ago. When did the CGI trailer, I looked at it and said, ‘Oh my God, that’s like perfect’. And there were all these little touches from Cyberpunk in the background, because they’re fans. I said to me, ‘They really did it! That’s awesome.’ So, the feeling has stayed the same and we’ve also been continually developing it to keep that feeling.

Multiplayer features have been confirmed for Cyberpunk 2077. But how it will be part of the game is yet to be confirmed.