Intel to supposedly release flagship Core i9 series for LGA 2066

This doesn’t truly come as a surprise, to say the least. The previous LGA 2011 enthusiast i7 CPUs were supposed to be put under their Core i9 branding. Ultimately that wasn’t the case and all of them were put under the i7 branding. So we finally have a supposedly real Core i9 series now.

Following a leak from the Anandtech forums, a user named ‘Sweepr’ has posted a list of upcoming CPUs with the major specs of each one of them. Following this, user ‘dooon’ has provided an image of the not-yet-launched CPUs and specs in the form of a table within a powerpoint presentation.

Image Credit: Anandtech
Image submitted by user ‘dooon’ on Anandtech’s forum

The info by the two users isn’t exactly identical. The Core i9 CPUs are marked with a 140W TDP in dooon’s image. Sweepr’s data suggests that the TDP of the Skylake-X might as well be as high as 160W. The highest end support a maximum of 44 PCI-E lanes and quad-channel memory. Also, very little information is provided on the top-of-the-line i9 7920X. According to the info, it will rock a whopping 12-cores and 24 threads.

So what is true and what is false? We’ll have to wait till Intel’s Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X launch to know the truth.

To view the original source on Anandtech, click here.