Telltale series has always validated the diligence of their franchise by producing adventure games based on practically anything. Evidently, the quick time events might give you that adrenaline rush but at the same time, it has often failed to provide us with an enticing story.


The story lacked the essence that made the guardians intriguing in the first place. While it did have an outline of emotional cliffhangers but the excruciating amount of forced humor equalizes that, thus outshining the enjoyable aspect of the game. Thus we get to play this extremely bland piece of a greater story which just might provide the MCU fans with a story which they deserved to witness on the big screen. But honestly, Telltale did the impossible by showing off the encounter with the mad purple tyrant, which Marvel couldn’t pull off in any of their installations till date. Surely it did quench my thirst, as I have always been eager to witness the showdown between Thanos and the guardians.

Since this is a spoiler free review, I am inclined not to disclose much but I can assure you that you won’t be missing much if you opted to skip this one. Yes, the story might just piece up to a much larger plot which leaves us with this bland outline of an episode and an enforced character introduction which certainly lacks the cohesiveness that required in this episode.

Gameplay: –

If you are a telltale fan, then you are no stranger to the gameplay aspects which includes a bulk of quick time events which surely triggers anyone with OCD in case they have missed it. Otherwise, there is not much to point out when it comes down to gameplay. Also, frames were pretty much constant and seldom did they drop below 40 FPS(Implying that it’s even relevant).

Voice-acting: –

The cast did an excellent job at bringing these uncanny space buds to life. Voice acting was top-notch. Nolan North as Rocket certainly compensates Copper’s absence.

Soundtrack: –

Good music is always appreciated and honestly it did throw that vibe which made me realize that -“Yes, it definitely is Guardians Of The Galaxy”. I must also exaggerate about the end-credits soundtrack which I have been listening on repeat ever since.

Final Verdict: –

Guardians Of The Galaxy might have started with a mediocre pilot episode but the plot surely can lead up to bigger events. And with the introduction of the krees, I am sure that this game will live up to its mark by providing us with an intriguing arc and also by providing us with a villain which surely seems to have a motif since most Marvel movies have had the issue of putting extremely bland villains. Anyway, I conclude this banter of mine by giving Guardians Of The Galaxy: A telltale series(episode I) a C+

Tech Syndrome Rates it – 5.7/10