Google Updates its Image Search and Pinterest

For a long time, Google has been competing with Pinterest for the image search space and truth to be told Pinterest was way better it than Google.

Now Google is trying to bring some Pinterest like features with its new updated Image Search. Now the Image Search will not only identify when image points to a special content, will also show some of that content in a brief manner. For example, if you are looking for food, you may see ‘recipe’ badges and even the recipe itself once you tap the picture. It will also highlight purchasable products, animated GIFs and videos.

This is not their first stab at Pinterest like features. It previously added a computer vision-based feature for mobile users that identifies products in the photos you find. However, they are more explicitly targeting its rival this time around. Pinterest has been a go-to solution for many people for cookbooks, DIY solutions, etc. this can change if the solution is just a simple web search away.

It is not surprising why Google is making a move like this. Pinterest has been putting more and more emphasis on search, and Google is likely worried that they will take a bite out of their ad revenue.