Google’s New Newsfeed is Out

Google is updating the feed that it introduced to its Google app last year, focusing on the information its knowledge graph has built on users while allowing them to follow certain topics and people to shape what they’re seeing in the feed.
Right now it will only be limited to the app but in the coming months, it is sure to make itG-Newsfeeds way to the Google website. The site which until now has been only ornamented with the company’s logo and the search box will get a massive make over by integrating feeds into the website.

This is will help people to take their actions across all google services and condensing them into a feed of what’s  on your mind while bringing suggestions for how to build on those interests.

For example, it might give you updates of a band that you earnestly follow or even suggest booking tickets through the app the next time they are in town.
Users will also be able to unfollow topics so that the desperate search for your pimple cure don’t end up on your feeds.
It will also implement steps for fact checking by verifying across multiple sources to prevent the spread of fake news.
The new-and-improved news feed is coming to all US users of the Google app today and will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks.