Fake Ryzens are on the rise

Recently there have been two incidents of customers receiving fake Ryzen processors that they bought it from Amazon. From the pictures that they have uploaded on Reddit, it is clear that the scammers are using old Intel processors. They are wiping the Intel logos and then rebranding it as AMD Ryzen.

This appears to be a scam designed to fool Amazon’s returned products checking procedure. Scammers would swap the original Ryzen processors and coolers with the fake ones and pack the whole thing meticulously so that the weight and the looks from the outside remain same to fool the Amazon employees. Then they would return the package. This would then end up back in circulation which would explain how people got their hands on them via Amazon.

Being LGA (where AMD Ryzen uses PGA), it is tougher for the new PC builders to accidentally damage their motherboards or CPU as there would be no pins to damage.

Amazon was quick to respond and replaced theirs CPUs.

This creates an uncertainty in the mind of people and a general distrust towards the company which complicates an already complex process of PC building for the general public.