EA Kicks Off This Year’s E3 With It’s Pre-E3 Press Conference

Last night EA got over with their showcase, the first conference in the Gamer’s Christmas: E3. I was extremely skeptical of  Electronic Arts’ big pre-E3 press conference since I don’t exactly like EA. But in a way, the conference was not at all sub-par. They teased a hefty load of things which somehow made me board the hype train. So if anyone of you bright lads missed the pre-E3 conference, here is a quick summary of what went down last night.

Madden NFL 18 Gets A New Story Mode 

EA has been making sports game for many years but it lacked the cinematic solo campaign element in it. But last night they announced “Long Shot”– a story about a young athlete trying to make his way to the pros.

In the Longshot story mode, players will take on the role of Devin Wade as he makes one more go at going pro.


Battlefield 1’s new DLC, In the Name of the Tsar

  • six new maps 
  • 11 new weapons
  • new vehicles
  • a new mode called Supply Drop
  • two new night maps
  • the Russian army
  • deeper player progression through new assignments and specialization

It will hit the stores in September.



“A Way Out ” is the brand new game unveiled by the creators of Brothers: A tale of two sons. The game will star two different male protagonist and the developers promised us with a very compelling co-op experience with split-screen/online participation of two individuals controlling each of the two characters.

t is scheduled for release in early 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a game that certainly stole the show at the EA Play conference. Janina Gavankar, playing Iden Versio in the game, made an appearance on the stage and provided the briefing about all that’s coming with Battlefront 2. EA sure gets some style points there.

This time they added elements from all three eras. They showed off some multiplayer gameplay live at the venue, which gives us a taste of how it really feels, and it DOES feel more like how Star Wars should. Explosions, lightsabers, pulse rays and lots of stuff happening in an all-out war across the entire map. New playable heroes have also been spotted, like Darth Maul.

This time around, all the seasonal downloadable content (maps, characters, star cards, vehicles and more) will be FREE, exactly opposite to the way the Battlefront worked. Star Wars actor John Boyega announced that Finn, the character he plays in the Star Wars movies, will be a part of ‘The Last Jedi’ seasonal content arriving in December.

Lots of expectations surround Battlefront 2. It will be available from November 17 this year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


This is a game that hasn’t been shown all that much of. It’s based on a new IP and developed by Bioware, the makers of Mass Effect. Previously know as project Dylan, Anthem is quite apparently a new sci-fi action game series that we will get to know more in the Xbox E3 briefing.


NFS makes a comeback this year with Payback. EA showed a bit of gameplay alongside the trailer, which felt a little generic yet impressive. Not to mention it seemed a bit like a Fast and Furious-ish with all the car to truck jumping and blasting out of trucks with supercars accompanied by over-the-top animations and slo-mo effects.

Car customization will be a big part of this game in order to remain competent enough with everyone in the game. Also, gameplay seems heavily dependent on the use of nitro and sharp handbraking.

NFS Payback releases worldwide November 11, 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.


EA’s E3 showcase gives you a reason to hype for games like Battlefront 2 and A Way Out promises more co-op split-screen experience for local multiplayer gameplay. Anthem is a whole new IP of which we don’t know much about and there’s good-ol’ NFS with an all new entrant. Battlefield 1 gets a DLC which gives access to the biggest front of WW2, adding more playtime in an already marvelous game. And last but not the least there’s a new FIFA and MADDEN in town that’s coming soon. Considering all of this, EA gives gamers quite a few titles to look forward to and the showcase was indeed good, if not great.

Stay tuned to Tech Syndrome for more updates on E3 2017. Happy E3!