DOOM Free to play from 27th July Till 30th for PlayStation Plus Users; 50% Off on Full Game Purchase

PlayStation Plus News Update:

After Sony Announced their PlayStation Plus lineup of free games for August 2017, they revealed that DOOM will be free to play from 27th – 30th July for PlayStation Plus Users.

During these three days of free play, users will get 50% off on the purchase of the game if they find the game to be good for them. This discount will be for All  Plus users and will be available for purchase in the PlayStation Store.

In case you have missed what free games are lined up for the next month’s PlayStation Plus users, here is a rundown:

  • Just Cause 3 (PS4)
  • Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry (PS4)
  • That’s You – PS4 (bonus title)
  • Super Motherload (PS3)
  • Snake Ball (PS3)
  • Downwell (PS Vita)
  • Level 22 (PS Vita)

These titles will be available to download from 1st August, meaning you’ve another few days to download July’s titles which are:

  • Until Dawn – PS4
  • Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series – PS4
  • Tokyo Jungle – PS3
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection – PS3
  • Don’t Die Mr. Robot – PS Vita (cross-buy with PS4)
  • Element4l – PS Vita

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