Intel Core i7 8700K Spotted, Core i3 8350, 8100 specs leaked

Tech website Videocardz has dug up some interesting leaks and shots (yet again) of some upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs from Chinese websites. Leaked specs of coffee lake Core i3 series also found.

Core i7 8700K

The picture published to Baidu shows the upcoming hexacore Coffee Lake SKU. Of the 3 CPUs visible, the one on the bottom seems to be different compared to the other two. The safest guess at this situation would be an i7 8700 (non-k edition).

Leaked img Core i7 8700K

CPU-Z score leaked 8700K baidu

A CPU-Z benchmark was posted along with the image which shows single-threaded score of 2323 and a multi-threaded score of 13980, significantly higher than the Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K. These scores are to be taken with a grain of salt as there is no mention of whether these scores are of the Core i7 8700K itself or not.


Core i3 8350/8100

Published to the Chinese website PTT, the spec-sheet throws some light on the upcoming Coffee Lake Core i3 chips.

PTT Core i3 8350 8100 leaked specsheet

According to this leak, the Core i3 8350 comes with a base clock of 4 GHz and will be unlocked for further OC. The slightly toned down Core i3 8100 features a 3.6GHz base clock but won’t have any OC capabilities. Both are quad cores with no hyperthreading. Also, the TDP of the 8100 is 65W which is quite low compared to the 8350, which has a 91W rating.