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Microsoft Finally Selling Mixed Reality Headsets

Microsoft is finally making two of its Windows Mixed Reality headsets available to everyone. The Acer headset which goes for $299 and the HP headset for $329. Both of them have similar specs with 2.89-inch displays and six degrees of freedom tracking for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality world. Microsoft started pre-orders back in May, allowing developers to get early access. While these are aimed at developers, people can still buy one of these from the Microsoft Store. Both development kits use internal tracking sensors which remove the need for external…

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Lenovo switching to stock android for all future smartphones

Lenovo is now going to put stock android on their smartphones starting with the upcoming K8 Note. According to an interview from Gadgets 360 with Anuj Sharma, Lenovo India’s head of marketing. According to Sharma, the move was motivated by the fact that customers preferred stock Android over the customized version. This will also help the company to roll out updates more easily and quickly, and will also bring the smartphone line close to its newly acquired Motorola’s devices which have long been using near-stock Android. Soham MandalTackling my everyday life,…

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Mira Prism: An Affordable $99 Augmented Reality Headset

The Mira Prism doesn’t contain any electronics. It’s a shell like Samsung’s Gear VR or Google’s Daydream View, but for augmented reality. To use it, you open a Mira-enabled app on your iPhone, then slide it into the Prism. The screen faces away from you and toward a transparent visor, which reflects the image back to your vision. Objects appear to float in front of you, rendered in stereoscopic 3D. The experience is very different from ‘mixed reality’ that pipes a camera feed into a VR headset because you’re seeing…

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Google Glass Is Back But Maybe Not for You

The new Google Glass Enterprise Edition includes an updated camera module that bumps resolution from 5 megapixels to 8. It also has longer battery life, a better processor, an indicator for video recording and improved Wi-Fi speeds (most of the spec bumps are what you’d expect for a product taking advantage of further cost decreases on smartphone components). But the biggest change is the fact that the Glass EE module has now been decoupled entirely from integrated frames, meaning it can work with all kinds of existing eyewear, including industrial…

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