EA Confirms BioWare The Developer Behind Mass Effect Andromeda Merges With Motive Studios

EA is merging Mass Effect: Andromeda developer BioWare Montreal and Motive Studios. The news was confirmed by company CFO Blake Jorgensen during a recent earnings call and explained both studios will be merging in a new Montreal office.
It will now serve as the home for both BioWare and Motive.
“We’re building out a new studio in Montreal, and we’ve hired over 100 people into that studio that are brand-new to EA. This is to build the new IP around Jade Raymond’s team that she’s been building,” he explained.

Biowrae Montreal

“I was in that studio last month. And it’s a wonderful new addition to our team. And we brought our BioWare Montreal team into that same facility.”EA Motive
EA Motive was founded by Raymond, producer of Assassin’s Creed and is currently working on Star Wars Battlefront II alongside EA DICE and Criterion Games.
The Canadian outfit is also helping Visceral Games with the unannounced Star Wars project, which is being overseen by former Uncharted Creative Director Amy Henning.
BioWare Montreal was the team behind Mass Effect: Andromeda which had a tough start due to a lack of polish but they have fixed most of the issues with the subsequent patches. Despite rumors suggesting that EA has shelved the series, the Montreal team continues to release updates.