Battlefield 1 now has “Specializations”

Battlefield 1 will be adding a new feature to its arsenal that will grant players special perks and special abilities. These features are still in testing and it seems that it will change the game in a big way

“Specializations” is not new to the Battlefield franchise. It was first introduced in 2006’s Battlefield 2142. It can grant players perks like avoiding motion detector cameras, health perks, etc. It is being tested on the game’s Community Test Environment right now.

There will be three perks to select from, one general perk and two more tied to their weapon kit. Some abilities are unlocked on test servers while others will be unlocked through in game progression system that DICE plans to outline “at a later time”.

In the name of the tsar dlc Battlefield1

These abilities are always active and can do some pretty interesting things at the moment. The medic skill “Concealed Rescue” has downed squad mates automatically drop smoke to hide their bodies while the general “Camouflage” skill allows players to remain invisible to spotting flares if the gameplay, which had been very traditional by series standards.

It is important to note that this is in beta and a lot of the abilities are likely to change in some way or the other when they finally introduce it to the game in September with the Name of the Tsar expansion.