Battlefield 1 wallpaper img Featured Gaming 

Battlefield 1 now has “Specializations”

Battlefield 1 will be adding a new feature to its arsenal that will grant players special perks and special abilities. These features are still in testing and it seems that it will change the game in a big way “Specializations” is not new to the Battlefield franchise. It was first introduced in 2006’s Battlefield 2142. It can grant players perks like avoiding motion detector cameras, health perks, etc. It is being tested on the game’s Community Test Environment right now. There will be three perks to select from, one general…

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insufficient android Google update Featured Phones Technology 

No more “insufficient space” on Android

Google might soon make the “insufficient space” error obsolete. According to a recent documentation, Google is making some changes to its update procedure to make sure that an insufficient space will never stop an update again. Android 7.0 introduced a new feature called “Seamless Updates”. This introduced a dual system partition scheme “System A” and “System B” partition. During a system update, the phone uses the online System A partition while the update is being applied to the offline System B partition in the background. The installation just requires…

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YouTube chat youtube Featured Phones Technology 

YouTube Brings Chat to its App

YouTube has added a new feature that will allow users to share a video and chat about it in a private thread, all through the YouTube app. The feature is very similar to Android’s messaging app. Users can share a video with someone in their contact or a group and can chat about it. The feature will be built into YouTube’s share button which will let users select people from their contact list. One can also get a direct link which will help to add people, not in your contact…

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middle earth shadow of war micro transaction Featured Gaming PC PS4 Xbox One 

Alas! Microtransactions Invade Middle Earth: Shadow of War

The upcoming game Middle Earth: Shadow of War is going to expand the nemesis system which has already proven its merit among gamers. But this time it will feature microtransactions. In a recent update Monolith, the developers behind the game has shed some light on how it will work. According to the studio’s official announcement, “players can purchase Loot Chests, War Chests, XP Boosts and Bundles” through the market to strengthen their army. The loot chests will contain weapons and armors, XP boosts, which will help Talion level up much…

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eye-track windows 10 Featured PC Technology 

New Built-in Eye Tracking in Windows 10

Microsoft is planning to add native eye tracking to Windows 10. The new feature is aimed at people suffering from neuromuscular diseases like ALS that keep the user from using the mouse and keyboard. Apps can be opened by gazing at them and typing can be done using an on screen keyboard and then looking at the characters with the integration of word prediction. Dubbed Eye Control in Windows 10, the new feature will require hardware like Tobii’s Eye tracker 4C. Microsoft has worked closely with Tobii to enable this…

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Mixed Reality-headset Computers Featured Gadgets PC 

Microsoft Finally Selling Mixed Reality Headsets

Microsoft is finally making two of its Windows Mixed Reality headsets available to everyone. The Acer headset which goes for $299 and the HP headset for $329. Both of them have similar specs with 2.89-inch displays and six degrees of freedom tracking for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality world. Microsoft started pre-orders back in May, allowing developers to get early access. While these are aimed at developers, people can still buy one of these from the Microsoft Store. Both development kits use internal tracking sensors which remove the need for external…

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Alien Isolation Featured Gaming PC 

Feel the Fear in Alien: Isolation VR

Alien: Isolation was not scary enough, now a VR mod is available to scare the living daylight out of us. For all those who crave the underwear spoiling experience, it is available on the current-gen Oculus Rift. An alpha version of the ‘MotherVR’ mod that works with the game is available to download right now. The installation is pretty simple, just download the mod, copy the DLL file from the archive into the game folder and you are good to go. Alien: Isolation came with a hidden Rift DK2 mode, earlier…

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Microsoft 123 Computers Featured Uncategorized 

Earn Some Bounty With Microsoft

Microsoft is launching a new Windows Bounty program which will expand their already existing bounty programs. Microsoft is going to pay more than $100,000 for serious Hyper-V flaws in Windows 10 or Windows Server operating systems. Microsoft is going to pay more than $100,000 for serious Hyper-V flaws in Windows 10 or Windows Server operating systems. The giant will pay up to $250,000 for severe Hyper-V vulnerabilities, and security bugs in Edge or Windows 10 preview build will fetch up to $15,000. “Security is always changing and we prioritize different…

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hob Featured Gaming PC PS4 

Torchlight Announces the Release Date of their Upcoming Game Hob

Runic Games finally revealed the release date of their upcoming game Hob. It is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on 26th September. Hob is a suspenseful adventure game set on a stunning and brutal world in disarray. Slowly uncover your role in saving the vibrant life around you while you explore stunning landscapes, solve puzzles, and transform the planet itself. Features: WORDLESS NARRATIVE: Presented without text or dialogue, Hob’s story is revealed as you explore the planet and interact with the strange lifeforms that inhabit it. TRANSFORM THE WORLD…

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ME Andromeda poster Featured Gaming 

EA Confirms BioWare The Developer Behind Mass Effect Andromeda Merges With Motive Studios

EA is merging Mass Effect: Andromeda developer BioWare Montreal and Motive Studios. The news was confirmed by company CFO Blake Jorgensen during a recent earnings call and explained both studios will be merging in a new Montreal office. It will now serve as the home for both BioWare and Motive. “We’re building out a new studio in Montreal, and we’ve hired over 100 people into that studio that are brand-new to EA. This is to build the new IP around Jade Raymond’s team that she’s been building,” he explained. “I…

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Steelseries truemove3 1-to-1 Featured Gaming PC 

SteelSeries nailing ‘true 1-to-1’ mouse tracking

SteelSeries the gaming peripheral company has promised to deliver the Holy Grail for gamers: true “1-to-1” tracking. The company’s new TrueMove3 sensor means the movement of the mouse will match exactly with the movement of the mouse pointer on the screen, regardless of the CPI setting (counts per inch, or the number of pixels your mouse moves in a single inch). SteelSeries partnered with PixArt, the guys behind the Wii Remote, the sensor is a result of company’s 15-year long effort for the perfect gaming mouse. It is available exclusively…

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Google img search Featured Technology 

Google Updates its Image Search and Pinterest

For a long time, Google has been competing with Pinterest for the image search space and truth to be told Pinterest was way better it than Google. Now Google is trying to bring some Pinterest like features with its new updated Image Search. Now the Image Search will not only identify when image points to a special content, will also show some of that content in a brief manner. For example, if you are looking for food, you may see ‘recipe’ badges and even the recipe itself once you tap…

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Aztez Poster Featured Gaming 

Turn-based strategy/ hack-and-slash hybrid Aztez finally comes out

Part turn-based strategy based game Aztez has finally been launched on PC, Mac and Linux. Aztez is a highly stylized beat ’em up set in the world of the Aztec Empire. Take on the role of an elite close combat unit and undergo missions on behalf of the Empire in turn based strategy mode, and fight against warriors and mythological foes alike using 8 unique weapons in real time combat mode. ABOUT THIS GAME: Aztez is a unique hybrid of beat ’em up and turn-based strategy set in the world…

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XBox controller wireless adapter Gaming PC Xbox One 

Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Adapter is smaller than ever

Microsoft announced their new Xbox wireless adapter for their Xbox controller. It looks like a regular USB drive which is a sure improvement from the last one. The new adapter is about 66% smaller than the old adapter. It supports eight controllers simultaneously, as well as four chat headsets or two stereo headsets. It will go on sale starting August 8th for $24.99. Pre orders are also available from the Microsoft website. Pre orders are also available from the Microsoft website. Also read: Meet the Xbox One X Soham MandalTackling…

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Firefox logo Featured Technology 

Mozilla releases new voice search, file sharing and note taking features for Firefox

Firefox is bringing in some experimental features to its browser. Firefox has been steadily improving and it feels faster and leaner than ever today. The three new Test Pilot experiments that bring voice search, built-in note taking and a tool for sending large files to the browser. These are obviously experimental tools and there is no guarantee that it will ever make it into a release version of Firefox. The whole idea behind Test Pilot is to allow the Firefox team to test new features and concepts. Early experiments included…

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Corey Gaspur Featured Gaming 

Corey Gaspur, the Man who was behind the Franchises like Mass Effect, Dragon Age Passed Away

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and colleague Corey Gaspur” Bioware wrote in its tribute to the late developer. Gaspur was part of Bioware for roughly a decade. He was the gameplay and level designer on Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins, lead combat designer on Mass Effect 3 and was in the midst of being a lead designer on Anthem. He also consulted on a great variety of other EA games, such as Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and Mass…

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Lenovo Logo Gadgets Phones Technology 

Lenovo switching to stock android for all future smartphones

Lenovo is now going to put stock android on their smartphones starting with the upcoming K8 Note. According to an interview from Gadgets 360 with Anuj Sharma, Lenovo India’s head of marketing. According to Sharma, the move was motivated by the fact that customers preferred stock Android over the customized version. This will also help the company to roll out updates more easily and quickly, and will also bring the smartphone line close to its newly acquired Motorola’s devices which have long been using near-stock Android. Soham MandalTackling my everyday life,…

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Google fight against bad apps Featured Technology 

Google’s Fight Against Bad Apps

Google announced some changes to their Play Store so that better-performing apps meaning that crashes less and drains less battery will be ranked higher than apps with bugs and performance issues. The goal of this move is to ensure that the best apps are promoted and to force developers to give more attention to the bugs and users demands. Since negative reviews can also reduce one’s rank. Apps that don’t work well frustrate users, who often turn to reviews to complain. Over time a number of bad reviews and low…

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Radeon Crimson Computers Featured Gaming PC 

AMD Introduces “Enhanced Sync” With Their New Update

AMD introduced a new frame rate synchronization technology called” Enhanced Sync” with it latest ReLive driver update. Enhanced Sync replaces V-sync and improves the FreeSync to offer a smooth gaming experience on any display. If your PC has FreeSync, then this will act as an extra measure to keep the latency and tearing to the minimum. AMD in response to NVidia’s G-sync technology released FreeSync to improve frame rate synchronization. FreeSync technology allows dynamic refresh rates that synchronize with the frame rate output from the graphics card, which minimizes tearing…

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unemployment-affected-man-i-need-a-job Featured World 

Google’s Fight Against Unemployment promised $50 million to fund non-profit organizations that are focused on using technology to improve job searching and helping people prepare for jobs of the future We have already seen that there has been a massive change in the job market and this will continue. “We also recognize that the way we work is changing, and we want to make sure that as many people as possible can make the most of the new jobs, industries and opportunities that are emerging—some of which we couldn’t have imagined just a…

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A Hat In Time Gaming 

A Hat in Time: A Crazy Platformer Coming to PC and Consoles

The game that raised $300k on Kickstarter over four years ago and three years past its expected launch date, A Hat in Time from Gears for Breakfast, is finally here It is finally coming to PC, PS4, Xbox and Mac this fall. This is the first time that it has been confirmed for consoles. It is also the first time that Humble Bundle, who has taken on publishing duties, is launching a game on consoles. “A Hat in Time is a cute-as-heck 3D platformer featuring a little girl who stitches…

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Qualcomm-SD Featured Phones Technology 

Qualcomm’s New Deep Learning Chip is Here

Qualcomm a mobile chip maker wants to bring deep learning into all kinds of devices and also expand the IOT environment. With this goal in mind, they created the Neural Processing Engine (NPE) for its Snapdragon-series mobile processors. The NPE software development kit is now available to all via the Developer Network, marking the first public release of the SDK. This opens up a lot of opportunities for AI integration on a range of devices including mobile phones, in car platforms, etc. The purpose of the framework is to make…

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flash-logo-adobe Computers Featured Technology 

Adobe Confirms the End of Flash by 2020

Adobe confirmed that they are going to end all support for flash by the end of 2020 Until then Adobe will still partner with the likes of Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft and Google to offer security patches for Flash in their browsers and support for newer versions of them, but beyond that, Adobe will not offer any new features to it. Adobe also plans to end support “in certain geographies where unlicensed and outdated versions of Flash Player are being distributed.” It is not a big surprise as the wide distribution…

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Classics Featured Gaming PC PS4 

From the Maker of I Am Setsuna Comes Their New IP Lost Sphear

Tokyo RPG Factory the maker of the critically acclaimed I Am Setsuna, set to release their new game, Lost Sphear on 23rd January 2018 in Europe and North America It will be available on PS4, Switch and Steam. The console versions will even have a physical release, available exclusively through publisher Square Enix’s online store. It will feature a similar Active Time Battle combat system and the isometric painterly aesthetic looks in keeping with the studio’s previous effort. It will follow the story of a boy named Kanata who awakens…

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Overwatch Mercy Featured Gaming 

Overwatch Update: Are You Ready to Get Banned

On a blog post, Blizzard said that increased penalties will be issued in response to verified reports of bad behavior in Overwatch. “In Overwatch, that means anything from abusive chat, harassment, in-game spam, match inactivity (being intentionally AFK), and grieving. If you see someone engaging in any of these types of behaviours, report them. Players in violation will be silenced, suspended, or even banned from the game as a result. ” Blizzard also announced more long-term efforts to improve the Overwatch in-game community. “Over the next several months, we…

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Lightning Nissan Featured Gaming 

Final Fantasy Characters Selling Nissans??

Lightning from Final Fantasy seems to be very popular these days as she has landed herself another ad campaign by Nissan Earlier she took the fashion industry by storm as she featured in Prada and Louis Vuitton and now she has moved to the auto industry. In the video, two people hop into a Nissan and the passenger puts on some VR goggles, which turns the driver into Snow. It then shows the car in an epic setting, after which it goes on to show some of the car’s features.…

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Featured Gaming 

Dying Light to Get 10 New Free DLC Helpings In Next 12 Months

Techland isn’t done with Dying Light, as isn’t the player-base. The Polish studio has now promised 10 free DLC to be launched over the course of next 12 months In the trailer featured below, the game’s producer Tymon Smektala acknowledges the huge number of players dedicated to the Dying Light community. The batch of freebies includes new in-game events, new enemies, new mysteries to solve and “much, much more”, so says Smektala. “And the best thing is: all of this stuff will be free… soon we will release a content…

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RIP paint Computers Featured Technology 

The Final Days of Microsoft Paint

It’s about time we say goodbye to Paint… Alas, our beloved Microsoft Paint is coming to an end with the upcoming release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. It is officially being classified by Microsoft as a “deprecated feature”, as noted by The Guardian. That means that come this fall, the Paint will not be in active development and might be removed in future releases. Paint has been our friend since the first Windows 1.0 back in 1985. Microsoft continued to update Paint throughout the years but the basic…

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gigabyte Featured PC Uncategorized 

Gigabyte Announces Tiny PC: A Raspberry Pi Competition Killer

Gigabyte will launch a similar device to that of Raspberry Pi, it is called GA-SBCAP3350. Well, they are not going to win any awards for the name but the tiny motherboard has some interesting little features for those who want a small PC for their projects. It is essentially a motherboard with a CPU soldered on it. The CPU used is Intel Celeron N3350 CPU (Apollo Lake family), which is a dual-core chip clocked to 1.1GHz with turbo boost up to 2.4GHz. It measures 146 x 102mm (twice the size…

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Razer Gaming Smartphone? Featured Gaming Phones Uncategorized 

Razer Android Gaming Smartphone?

Razer the gaming centric laptop and computer hardware manufacturer is now planning to make a gaming smartphone, according to a report from Bloomberg.  The company is planning an IPO in Hong Kong later this year that could value its business at $3-5 billion. It will use some of this funds to drive this project. Earlier this year Razer acquired the smartphone company Nextbit. So this is not a big surprise that they would try to make a smartphone, not to mention a gaming smartphone considering their history of products. Razer said…

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Featured Gaming 

The Telltale Update : The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead and Batman

Telltale has confirmed the second season of the popular The Wolf Among Us, A Telltale Games Series, an adventure game based on the comic series Fable. Bigby Wolf, the hero will return to the series. It is going to release next year. The Walking Dead’s fourth and the final season has also been confirmed and it will release in 2018. It will conclude Clementine’s story. Also on its way is Batman: The Enemy Within, the second season of Telltale’s Batman series, which debuted in August 2016. The first episode will launch…

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Google News Feed New Update Featured Technology 

Google’s New Newsfeed is Out

Google is updating the feed that it introduced to its Google app last year, focusing on the information its knowledge graph has built on users while allowing them to follow certain topics and people to shape what they’re seeing in the feed. Right now it will only be limited to the app but in the coming months, it is sure to make its way to the Google website. The site which until now has been only ornamented with the company’s logo and the search box will get a massive make…

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Featured Gadgets Technology 

Mira Prism: An Affordable $99 Augmented Reality Headset

The Mira Prism doesn’t contain any electronics. It’s a shell like Samsung’s Gear VR or Google’s Daydream View, but for augmented reality. To use it, you open a Mira-enabled app on your iPhone, then slide it into the Prism. The screen faces away from you and toward a transparent visor, which reflects the image back to your vision. Objects appear to float in front of you, rendered in stereoscopic 3D. The experience is very different from ‘mixed reality’ that pipes a camera feed into a VR headset because you’re seeing…

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Featured Gadgets 

Google Glass Is Back But Maybe Not for You

The new Google Glass Enterprise Edition includes an updated camera module that bumps resolution from 5 megapixels to 8. It also has longer battery life, a better processor, an indicator for video recording and improved Wi-Fi speeds (most of the spec bumps are what you’d expect for a product taking advantage of further cost decreases on smartphone components). But the biggest change is the fact that the Glass EE module has now been decoupled entirely from integrated frames, meaning it can work with all kinds of existing eyewear, including industrial…

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Featured PC 

Fake Ryzens are on the rise

Recently there have been two incidents of customers receiving fake Ryzen processors that they bought it from Amazon. From the pictures that they have uploaded on Reddit, it is clear that the scammers are using old Intel processors. They are wiping the Intel logos and then rebranding it as AMD Ryzen. This appears to be a scam designed to fool Amazon’s returned products checking procedure. Scammers would swap the original Ryzen processors and coolers with the fake ones and pack the whole thing meticulously so that the weight and the…

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