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AMD Ryzen 3000 series launch premiere in Kolkata

There has been a lot of buzz around the new line of CPUs and GPUs released by AMD, especially the competition-slaying yet affordable Ryzen’s 3rd generation CPU series. The details provided by the company has brought a smile across tech-enthusiasts, fans and potential buyers alike and so far it seems that it ticks the right boxes. As soon as the CPUs hit stores in Kolkata a few days after its initial release, we had a chance to work with Supreme Technologies to organize an event celebrating the same with a…

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The International 2019 Battle Pass – Best Compendium Yet?

It’s that time of the year again to empty your wallets wave your hard earned money goodbye. The long anticipated Dota 2 compendium, the TI9 battle pass has finally launched. I have always found Dota 2 battle pass to be much more rewarding in general when you compare with passes in other games which seem to make do with a lot of unappealing items (before you scream at me, yes there are a lot of good items but in general there are more which seem like filler material) and they…

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds full release news Featured Gaming 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Getting Full Release This December

After almost a year in early access, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is finally all set for a full release. The Xbox One full release is scheduled for December 12. This news was declared in Xbox Official Livestream during Paris Games Week (PGW). While there isn’t a confirmed particular date for the PC release yet, it is expected to be coming before new year’s eve. The 1.0 update will bring a new desert map, a replay system and a lot of other changes within the game. Although development for both the PC and Xbox…

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Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2 Reveal Oct 4th Featured Phones Technology 

Google announces Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2

Google has finally announced the highly-anticipated successors to their Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2. From the front, the Pixel 2 looks pretty much identical to their predecessors but you clearly notice the change in design once you turn it around and look at the backside. However, the Pixel XL2 is clearly distinguishable due to it’s wider 18:9 aspect ratio screen and rounded corners. The Pixel 2 features a 5 inch 1920X1080 resolution OLED display while its bigger brother sports a 6-inch 2880X1440 resolution P-OLED display.…

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Intel Core i7 8700K Spotted, Core i3 8350, 8100 specs leaked

Tech website Videocardz has dug up some interesting leaks and shots (yet again) of some upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs from Chinese websites. Leaked specs of coffee lake Core i3 series also found. Core i7 8700K The picture published to Baidu shows the upcoming hexacore Coffee Lake SKU. Of the 3 CPUs visible, the one on the bottom seems to be different compared to the other two. The safest guess at this situation would be an i7 8700 (non-k edition). A CPU-Z benchmark was posted along with the image which shows single-threaded score…

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Core-i9 Specs leaked Featured Hardware 

18 Core 36 Thread Core i9 7980XE Extreme Edition Specs Unveiled

Intel announced their upcoming range of Core X CPUs and chipsets back in Computex, but the specifics were not very clear for quite some time and it’s only until recently that we had the fog cleared about the existence of the much-speculated Core i9 flagship series. Finally, Intel has released the specs for their upcoming beast, especially casting the spotlight on the Core i9 7980XE. The Core i9 7980XE features a base clock speed of 2.6GHz and Intel’s Turbo Boost 2.0 takes it up to 4.2GHz. Turbo Boost 3.0 can boost…

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RX Vega 64 front render Computers Featured Technology 

RX Vega 64 Official Pictures Leaked

Ahead of the official launch, a leak via Videocardz provides us a sneak peek at the upcoming RX Vega 64 graphics cards RX Vega Reference The most basic and cheapest variant with the same blower-style cooler similar to the previous generation RX 500 series (except with dual 8-pin power connectors). RX Vega Limited Edition This variant was previously spotted in a leaked Chinese teaser. This is also a blower style cooler but one with a brushed aluminium shroud with a red Vega logo and a small red ‘R’ LED on…

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Ryzen 3 box Computers Technology 

AMD Ryzen 3: Quad Cores That Don’t Break The Bank

Ryzen has made a big impact on the CPU market with their Ryzen 5 and 7 series, dethroning Intel’s long held dominance. Although the Core i5 and i7 suffered, the lower end Core i3 series managed to survive amidst all of this, until now. The highly anticipated Ryzen 3 is finally here. The highly anticipated Ryzen 3 is finally here. There are two CPUs, the 1300X and 1200, both having the expected 4C/4T configuration. The 1300X features a 3.5GHz Base Clock and a Boost Clock of 3.7GHz while the 1200 features…

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Google Logo Featured 

Google Drops it’s Instant Search to “make search more fluid on all devices”

Way back in 2010 Google introduced the Google Instant feature, which preloads results while you type your query. It was a big change (“a fundamental shift in search” according to Merissa Mayer, the former VP of Google’s Search and Experience) at the time and got a lot of worldwide attention. Since then the scenario has changed a lot. Now more than 50% of Google’s searches are now from mobile devices, a figure that is increasing continually with time. With this in mind, Google has decided to drop this feature effective…

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Threadripper Twitter Package Reveal Computers Technology 

AMD Threadripper Retail Packaging Unveiled: It Looks Awesome!

AMD has caused a huge chaos in the mainstream platform with their breakout-success Ryzen series of CPUs. But Intel hasn’t experienced any challenges in the enthusiast tier until now, but that won’t be for long since AMD’s Threadripper series of enthusiast chips set to launch on 10th August. As of now, AMD CEO Lisa Su has unveiled the retail packaging of Threadripper on Twitter and it’s noticeable large (large box for a massive CPU) and looks quite premium. The clear plastic window in front has the Ryzen Threadripper logo printed…

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Intel 8th gen Computers Featured Technology 

Intel’s Premium Coffee Lake Core i7 8700K Specs Leaked: 6 Cores, 4.3GHz/4.0GHz (Single Core/Six Core) Boost Clock Speeds, Info on Two More SKUs, Unknown Coffee Lake CPU-Z Specs

There have been leaks from multiple sources of not only one but three Hexa-core processors from Intel. While the names two of them remain in the shadows, the details on the i7 8700K are enough to say that it’s the fastest of the trio.  Intel Core i7 8700K: 6 Cores, 12 Threads, 12MB Smart Cache The new flagship Coffee Lake-S i7 8700K comes armed with 6 cores, 12 threads and an unlocked multiplier (hence the K). The base clock speed is 3.7GHz. It features a single core boost clock of 4.0GHz and six…

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Budget PC Gaming Build (Around 45000 INR)

Everybody loves gaming but let’s just face it, not everyone has the budget to build a great gaming PC (including myself). So this time around, we took the budget bar and brought it down a few more notches. We have prepared a PC build using a list of components that sum up around 45000 INR mark and manages to obtain respectable FPS in all games, given your willingness to crank some eye-candy options down by a bit (budget, remember?). We went with Ryzen 5 this time because it’s probably a…

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Meet the all-new Xbox One X: More Power, Even Smaller!

Microsoft has been teasing their Project Scorpio since E3 2016. This year we finally get to see what it really is as Microsoft removed the drapery from Project Scorpio and revealed the all-new Xbox One X. Microsoft has stuck with their naming scheme, last time it was S and now X. This new console will be capable of 4K visuals at 60 FPS whilst also providing good image quality on lower resolution panels like 1080p by super-sampling the video output to make them much better than that resolution. Most older games…

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Core-i9 Specs leaked Computers Featured Technology 

Intel to supposedly release flagship Core i9 series for LGA 2066

This doesn’t truly come as a surprise, to say the least. The previous LGA 2011 enthusiast i7 CPUs were supposed to be put under their Core i9 branding. Ultimately that wasn’t the case and all of them were put under the i7 branding. So we finally have a supposedly real Core i9 series now. Following a leak from the Anandtech forums, a user named ‘Sweepr’ has posted a list of upcoming CPUs with the major specs of each one of them. Following this, user ‘dooon’ has provided an image of…

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