AMD Ryzen 3: Quad Cores That Don’t Break The Bank

Ryzen has made a big impact on the CPU market with their Ryzen 5 and 7 series, dethroning Intel’s long held dominance. Although the Core i5 and i7 suffered, the lower end Core i3 series managed to survive amidst all of this, until now. The highly anticipated Ryzen 3 is finally here.

The highly anticipated Ryzen 3 is finally here. There are two CPUs, the 1300X and 1200, both having the expected 4C/4T configuration. The 1300X features a 3.5GHz Base Clock and a Boost Clock of 3.7GHz while the 1200 features a 3.1 GHz Base Clock and a Boost Clock. Both have 2MB/8MB of L2/ L3 Cache and the share the same 65W TDP rating.

Both of these ship with the of AMD’s new Wraith Stealth cooler in the box. AMD’s aggressive pricing and no-joke specs make the Ryzen 3 a fierce competitor in its price bracket. Without a doubt, the Core i3 will be severely hampered as the performance outcomes are mostly favoring the red side over the Kaby Lake Core i3 chips in both gaming and synthetic benchmarks. Also, more performance can be obtained by overclocking the CPUs, thanks to the unlocked multiplier. An X370 chipset motherboard isn’t really needed as a certain extent of premium features like overclocking are present in their affordable B350 chipset motherboards, which makes more sense with such budget CPUs.

Ryzen 3 1200Picture Courtesy: Hardware Unboxed

The Ryzen 3  has launched prior to their Siggraph conference in Los Angeles, where AMD is supposed to launch the mighty HEDT series Threadripper family (they recently revealed the retail package) and the RX Vega graphics cards.