AMD Radeon RX Vega Reference Card Surfaces

We finally have some leaks regarding the new AMD Radeon RX Vega Reference model. From what we can say, this looks like a Vega 10 GPU and whose slim and toned down version will soon be available by different AIBs.

Radeon Vega Reference

This is not Polaris but a Vega-based card for sure and how do we come to know that? The board number on the top side of the PCI-E interface is the exact same number you can find on AMD Radeon Vega Frontier.

Kyle Bennett from HardOCP only had this card for few hours but promises exclusive RX Vega FreeSync versus GTX 1080 Ti G-Sync comparison to be published later.

This is what Kyle Bennett said while he had his hands on this GPU:

“Just a little tease here as to what is coming this week. RX Vega FreeSync versus GTX 1080 Ti G-Sync Blind Gaming test video being edited now. All done at my house, with gamers with a couple hundred years of twitch gaming experience. All system UEFI and OS set up by me personally. AMD wanted me to use a 1080.
AMD hand delivered this card to my house on Saturday morning and took it with them Saturday evening. That all said, this card was an engineering sample but I was specifically told that it was representative of the retail product. So basically a ‘reference’ card built outside of mass production.”

As you can see, AMD asked him to compare it with GTX 1080 non-Ti.

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Source: HardOCP