Feel the Fear in Alien: Isolation VR

Alien: Isolation was not scary enough, now a VR mod is available to scare the living daylight out of us.

For all those who crave the underwear spoiling experience, it is available on the current-gen Oculus Rift. An alpha version of the ‘MotherVR’ mod that works with the game is available to download right now. The installation is pretty simple, just download the mod, copy the DLL file from the archive into the game folder and you are good to go.

Alien: Isolation came with a hidden Rift DK2 mode, earlier it was not compatible with the consumer version of the headset. It seems Sega never felt there was enough demand for the game to release a VR update. That has not stopped the fans from modifying the mod and hurrying it out as alpha so others can get their hands on it immediately.

But the experience is not perfect and considering it is still in alpha, a lot of improvement is required. The game only works with the Xbox controller or keyboard and mouse. It is for seated play only. There are no snap turns and there are some scaling issues. Fortunately, these are known bugs and the creator of the mod, /u/Nibre is currently working on it.

Additional features are also in development, including Vive support. It is an alpha after all, so it’s best to just test it for yourself. That is if you have the guts for it.