Adobe Confirms the End of Flash by 2020

Adobe confirmed that they are going to end all support for flash by the end of 2020

Until then Adobe will still partner with the likes of Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft and Google to offer security patches for Flash in their browsers and support for newer versions of them, but beyond that, Adobe will not offer any new features to it. Adobe also plans to end support “in certain geographies where unlicensed and outdated versions of Flash Player are being distributed.”

It is not a big surprise as the wide distribution quickly became the main target of hackers who used it to gain access to their target’s machines. Apple also never supported Flash on it’s mobile thus speeding up the processing. The coming of HTML5 was the final nail in the coffin as there was almost nothing that it couldn’t do which Flash can. It provided almost the same functionality without needing the third party plugins. Browser vendors also started deprecating and usually blocked it by default.

As the company’s VP of product development Govind Balakrishnan also noted, Adobe remains proud of the legacy of Flash — and for all of its flaws, it’s worth remembering that it played a pivotal role in bringing video and gaming to the web.

“We’re very proud of the legacy of Flash and everything it helped pioneer,” Balakrishnan noted. “During the 20+ years it has been around, it has played a key role in advancing interactivity and creative content on the web. Few technologies have had such a profound and positive impact in the internet era. But Adobe has always been about reinvention and creativity. And we’re excited to help lead the next era of digital content creation.”