A Slightly Opinionated DOTA 2 Short Read: 7.22h has overstayed it’s welcome, so Valve it’s time for some changes

I’ve been playing Dota 2 for about 3 years now and needed to voice some of my thoughts mixed with some other friends of mine who’ve been playing longer than I am. The current patch 7.22h has been going for a while now, and Valve isn’t pushing out any more patches before the major Outlanders update (expected around 24th Nov, totally fall release by the way). While this is a much awaited haul, there are a lot of holes that need to be filled and the major flaw as of now being the current state of the matchmaking system, which has caused a wide enough disarray in it’s active playerbase. The overall experience hasn’t been pleasant for quite a while now. But while the game is no way near dying as some would say, it is losing players, in fact on 30th October Dot a2 hit the lowest average player-count since 2014, which is evidence to how much some people especially in the immortal bracket are feeling tired of the game like never before.

Mixed reactions on fast queue (source: r/DotA2)

Fast queue has somewhat mixed opinions but below high MMR brackets it has mostly been beneficial so it’s one of they few welcome changes. I wish they allowed us to choose if we want to use fast queue charges or not but hey, maybe in the future?

The current meta has been roughly the same for quite a long time now, and honestly this wouldn’t be an issue but the meta is quite stale. Most nerfs and buffs in the last few patches (which feels like ages ago given how long 7.22h is ongoing) do not make very good sense, especially the jungle nerfs just to control Veno jungle. Add to the fact that we’ve been waiting for Outlanders for a very long time now, which is speculated to launch around 24th of this month finally, and it needs more breath of life as mentioned because if they release it just for the sake of the two new heroes, it albeit will bring back a chunk of players, is more of a band aid to the wound solution than a long lasting one.

Also going slightly off the grid, a major reason why Dota 2 is falling slightly out is because when you compare Valve’s games with competing esports games like Fortnite, Overwatch and League of Legends (MOBA), they practically do not advertise their game. We have without a doubt THE BEST casters and THE MOST attractive yearly grand event in all of esports. Okay I understand the entry barrier concept but should that really stop you from trying? Atleast in CSGO, a fellow valve title? The rest of the games are well advertised and presented to attract new players. Yes, Valve titles make a lot of money and are watched by many people, but the growth is very limited. While Dota isn’t going to die, not even close, it will still be stuck to the similar ceiling, and it which stagnates walks the stairs of doom, in this case a very slow one.