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Microsoft Finally Selling Mixed Reality Headsets

Microsoft is finally making two of its Windows Mixed Reality headsets available to everyone. The Acer headset which goes for $299 and the HP headset for $329. Both of them have similar specs with 2.89-inch displays and six degrees of freedom tracking for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality world. Microsoft started pre-orders back in May, allowing developers to get early access. While these are aimed at developers, people can still buy one of these from the Microsoft Store. Both development kits use internal tracking sensors which remove the need for external…

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Alien Isolation Featured Gaming PC 

Feel the Fear in Alien: Isolation VR

Alien: Isolation was not scary enough, now a VR mod is available to scare the living daylight out of us. For all those who crave the underwear spoiling experience, it is available on the current-gen Oculus Rift. An alpha version of the ‘MotherVR’ mod that works with the game is available to download right now. The installation is pretty simple, just download the mod, copy the DLL file from the archive into the game folder and you are good to go. Alien: Isolation came with a hidden Rift DK2 mode, earlier…

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