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Earn Some Bounty With Microsoft

Microsoft is launching a new Windows Bounty program which will expand their already existing bounty programs. Microsoft is going to pay more than $100,000 for serious Hyper-V flaws in Windows 10 or Windows Server operating systems. Microsoft is going to pay more than $100,000 for serious Hyper-V flaws in Windows 10 or Windows Server operating systems. The giant will pay up to $250,000 for severe Hyper-V vulnerabilities, and security bugs in Edge or Windows 10 preview build will fetch up to $15,000. “Security is always changing and we prioritize different…

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Gigabyte Announces Tiny PC: A Raspberry Pi Competition Killer

Gigabyte will launch a similar device to that of Raspberry Pi, it is called GA-SBCAP3350. Well, they are not going to win any awards for the name but the tiny motherboard has some interesting little features for those who want a small PC for their projects. It is essentially a motherboard with a CPU soldered on it. The CPU used is Intel Celeron N3350 CPU (Apollo Lake family), which is a dual-core chip clocked to 1.1GHz with turbo boost up to 2.4GHz. It measures 146 x 102mm (twice the size…

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Razer Android Gaming Smartphone?

Razer the gaming centric laptop and computer hardware manufacturer is now planning to make a gaming smartphone, according to a report from Bloomberg.  The company is planning an IPO in Hong Kong later this year that could value its business at $3-5 billion. It will use some of this funds to drive this project. Earlier this year Razer acquired the smartphone company Nextbit. So this is not a big surprise that they would try to make a smartphone, not to mention a gaming smartphone considering their history of products. Razer said…

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The next-gen Xbox is in development, and it’s not Xbox Two

  With the Xbox One X on its way, Microsoft gives us a glimpse into the future of its gaming systems. After a shaky launch against the competitors at Sony, Microsoft has fought hard to gain the lead in the gaming console market. Competitively priced at $499, the Xbox One X, looks to be the premiere 4K device on the market, while also supporting games from even the original Xbox. The division head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, however, is already looking beyond the current generation. He has hinted towards a…

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Aorus Z270X Gaming 7 Motherboard (Hands-On)

Introduction of the Aorus Z270X gaming 7 Gigabyte has introduced their new Aorus line-up of motherboards on the consumer market and it has been quite a while that they are available for purchase to the consumers. Supposedly this line-up is Gigabyte’s high-class tier of products. We have got our hands on the AORUS Z270X Gaming 7 motherboard which we will be looking up close today. Features of Aorus Z270X Gaming 7:- DDR4 4000+ MHz XMP Ready Intel USB 3.1 Gen 2 NVMe PCIe U.2/M.2 RGB Fusion Creative Sound Core3D Quad-core…

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ZOTAC Announces GTX 1080 Ti AMP and AMP Extreme

So Zotac just announced their new line-up of GTX 1080 Ti , this one being the Extreme Edition. ZOTAC Announces GTX 1080 Ti Extreme Edition Cards Teased just a few days, Zotac’s New GTX 1080 Ti extreme cards have finally been revealed. This beauty of the card was posted in Videocardz few hours ago and it just looks killer. Based on the GP102  Chip , the GTX 1080 Ti has implemented a fully custom design that features two key components which include IceStorm Cooling and Metallic ExoArmor. Below is the card in its Full…

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