Overwatch Mercy Events Featured 

Overwatch Olympic Themed Summer Event 2017

Overwatch has announced its second Olympic themed summer games, starting from August 8th, until August 29th. The timed event will reintroduce last year’s Olympic themed skins at a lower cost, with the addition of new skins and a soccer-style Lúcioball multiplayer mode, with a few changes and a changed system. FEATURES AND IMPROVEMENTS: Last time when the summer games had debuted, players could not use in game currency to buy items, which upset many, as many assumed the event wouldn’t return perhaps for another four years, or in two years in…

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UBISOFT E3 2017 Featured Gaming 


  Ubisoft’s E3 press conference was brisk, full of interesting reveals and interesting showcases of games in development. Here’s a brief recap, game by game:   MARIO AND RABBIDS: Nintendo’s chief designer Shigeru Miyamoto made a dramatic announcement, with a Mario-Rabbids crossover being released. It’s a turn-based RPG. The game appears to be fun, and it comes out on the switch on April 29.     CREW 2: The popular racing game had a trailer reveal, which shows off the massive pen world setting of the game, and various vehicles…

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Featured Gaming PC 

Pre-Orders And Hype In the Gaming Industry

Introduction With E3 upcoming in a few days, something that came to my attention was an aspect of the gaming industry that often provokes much-heated debate in the minds of developers and consumers: the thorny issue of Pre-orders, and to a lesser extent, that of hyping, especially overhyping, a game. I want to give my two cents on the matter, and I hope that I don’t bore you all. PRE-ORDERS AND HYPE Before I continue in this article, I would like to make a point. All games and any forms…

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Computers Gaming PC 

Competitive Scene Of Age Of Empires 2

INTRODUCTION: The gaming community is a very nascent medium compared to other forms of storytelling and interaction, and it’s developer and consumer base is something that needs to be examined and talked about. As I’m creating this article for a tech website, I take for granted that many of you are at least remotely aware of the activity in CS-GO or Dota 2. However, most people are not aware of a comparatively small, but flourishing competitive scene, in Age of Empires 2, which is seen to be most of the…

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