Samsung Featured Technology 

Samsung’s 33.8-foot 4K Cinema Screen Debuts in Korea

Movie theaters conventionally use projectors for room-scale viewing, but Samsung wants to remove the middleman, with a sizable 33-foot 4K screen Samsung aims to move beyond consumer electronics by providing these giant screens to movie theaters in hopes of introducing quality viewing experience from the future. Their very first Cinema LED screen is here today on a massive scale of 33.8 feet. The display is fully capable of displaying at 4K resolution and according to a press release, offers “peak brightness levels nearly 10 times greater than that offered by…

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The next-gen Xbox is in development, and it’s not Xbox Two

  With the Xbox One X on its way, Microsoft gives us a glimpse into the future of its gaming systems. After a shaky launch against the competitors at Sony, Microsoft has fought hard to gain the lead in the gaming console market. Competitively priced at $499, the Xbox One X, looks to be the premiere 4K device on the market, while also supporting games from even the original Xbox. The division head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, however, is already looking beyond the current generation. He has hinted towards a…

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Featured Gaming Technology 

AMD’s Ryzen 3 soon to be available at competitive prices

Competitive 4 core CPUs will be available soon under than banner of AMD Ryzen 3 by the end of this month. Two new CPUs will be coming under the Ryzen 3 name, these are the Ryzen 3 1200 and Ryzen 3 1300X. Both of these feature 4 cores and 4 threads. This is double a number of cores compared to intel’s i3 processors in the same price range. However, these will not have the multi-threading capabilities as the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 CPUs. Performance of Ryzen 3: The Ryzen 1200…

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Cyberpunk 2077 Featured Gaming 

Journalist Class in Cyberpunk 2077, says Mike Pondsmith

The much-awaited sci-fi role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077  is said to have non-combat roles. This is coming from the creator of the original tabletop game of the same name. While appearing for a video interview (courtesy of Gamereactor), Mike Pondsmith gave us new insights into the game, while still staying confidential surrounding the matter. The tabletop game from 1988 is filled with various classes or roles such as journalist, rockstar, executive etc. When asked if these roles could be played in the game, Mike responded kindly to the interviewer as such:…

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mafia Featured Gaming PC PS4 Xbox One X 

Mafia III Sign of the Times DLC Announced

The latest entry in the Mafia franchise draws to a close with its final DLC storyline.  To release later this month, a new informative trailer is out! Sign of the Times – as it is named, the DLC features an expanded storyline which takes the game’s protagonist Lincoln Clay in pursuit of a bloody cult. Further information  is given below in addition to a lengthy and informative trailer: With Faster, Baby!, Lincoln Clay went on high-speed chases through Sinclair Parish, while in Stones Unturned, he partnered with John Donovan in an explosive action…

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loot boxes Featured Gaming PC PS4 Xbox One 

Loot Boxes are coming to Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft continues to support its tactical multiplayer shooter with further cosmetic updates via loot boxes. Titled Alpha Packs, these new loot boxes only have cosmetic items to unlock and isn’t purchasable with in-game premium currency. This may mean several hours of grinding matches before you can get a specific skin of your choice. The Alpha Packs can, however, be unlocked with Renown the experience-cum-currency awarded post match. In addition to purchases with Renown, random drops may also occur to players after every match, providing two ways to earning the Alpha…

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Half-Life Featured Gaming PC 

Half-Life gets a new minor update fixing various elements

Valve’s updated the original Half-Life. But before you get your hype up with the number 3, we’re here to inform you it’s only a minor update for fixes In a time where games are either unfinished or forgotten after release to work on their DLCs and perhaps sequels, it is amazing to see a game from almost a generation ago receive an update. Though it is quite common for Valve to update their games despite the age, such as their multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2. Still, a performance update seems bizarre…

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steam summer sale Featured Gaming 

Steam summer sale aftermath – 40000 accounts banned

There are some unforeseen consequences to cheaters, one of them is the might of the banhammer. Due to Valve’s anti-cheat policies, it seems almost 40000 accounts were banned. This happened on July 6, after the steam summer sale. According to SteamDB, Valve banned 40,034 accounts on July 6, only a day after the steam summer sale. As evident by the image below, it is quite the spike in Valve’s policy. On average, however, there are only around 3000 to 4000 bans per day. A possible reason behind these bans is…

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